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Shake it, break it [entries|friends|calendar]
Ms. Jones

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[11 Jun 2006|11:57pm]
i got my first tattoo..whats up butt crack

it looks weird because i was bending over...but i love it
meet me in the bathroom.

its been a while [26 Sep 2005|12:54am]
So its been a long time. things have been alright. everyone has left, I am leaving on wed. for school. late, which sucks. I am actually depressed that I am leaving so late, I feel like if I left in aug like everyone else it would have been ok, it sucks i had to say goodbye to everyone, I am the last to go. i miss a lot of people, i feel very optimistic about being back in Philly though. i have been very hot and cold with the whole thing, i don’t want to leave, i don’t want to leave what i have here, but i know i need to move on. i thought it would be hard going back to Philly which the area is a place i view as home, with my friends, people i have known forever, but then i was like i have this whole view of home as this person i used to be, i have changed a lot. I am so different from who i used to be, its weird. but i know ill be ok, i know ill have a good time, it is what you make it. I am going to miss a lot of people though. for a long time i viewed new jersey and Philly as my home, but i honestly know Connecticut is it. i remember dreading moving here, hating it here so much, but i love it now and its sad to see the people i love so much stay and me leave, i don’t know if i am making a good or a bad move by leaving. its not that I am worried about having a bad time, I am more worried about losing everything i have here, not to say i don’t love my friends there, but the friendships i have in Connecticut are friendships i feel will last a lifetime, i have had so many amazing memories here so far and its only been a year and a half. I am going to miss Evan a lot, although he is already gone, Colleen, Carisa, Amanda, and Josh. i will most definitely miss a lot of other people too, but these people are like my soul mates here. I know i will be ok. it will just take time.

i know that I am going to miss Starbucks here, i loved the people i worked with, i know i have gone through a lot of rough times at my store here, mainly getting in trouble, but the people i worked with for the most part were the best.

after dealing with Nicole’s death i realized a lot, a lot i have already known but that has just hit me full force, i never argue or get mad at people anymore, because if i leave angry or the other person leaves angry, god knows what could happen, i might not see the person ever again, because god forbid i die, or they do, and i will always have that hanging over my head, life is to short to hate, I really realized don’t take life for granted because you don’t know what might come your way.

i just hope every one knows and realizes how much i care about them, and how much people mean to me, i might not say it a lot, or i might seem mad or unhappy with someone or stressed angry or what have you, but i do love and care so much about each and everyone of my friends, and i hope everyone understands and knows that.

life is what you make it, and so far, i have no regrets.
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[02 Sep 2005|02:28am]
TEN Things You Did This Summer
01. cliff jumping
02. moved
03. went to florida
04. ludacris concert
05. swam
06. paid a speeding ticket
07. sailed on a boat
08. looked for hookers
09. went to the met.
10. went to a lot of shows

NINE Favorite Songs of the Summer
01. brand new-soco ameretto lime
02. minus the bear-horray
03. 2pac-california love
04. notorious big-i love it when you call me big papa
05. ludacris-southern hospitality
06. brand new-seventy times seven
07. anything from jimmy eat world
08. head automatica-beating heart baby
09. dashboard conessional-hands down (oh evan)

EIGHT Places You Ate At This Summer
01. cunos
02. american steak buffet (something like that)
03. joes american bar and grill
04. chinese
05. primo pizza
06. scarlet ohara's
07. andros
08. pennys

SEVEN Things that Annoyed You This Summer
01. saying goodbye
02. moving
03. assholes
04. not having enough money
05. bills
06. bills
07. work

SIX Things You Bought This Summer
01. new clothes
02. shoes
03. coffee
04. gas
05. tickets
06. my rainbows

FIVE Things You Accomplished This Summer
01. getting a raise
02. officialy got into college
03. worked a lot
04. getting to see a lot of people
05. exploring new things

FOUR Movies You Watched This Summer
01. batman begins
02. garden state
03. girl next door
04. wimbeldon

THREE Things You Wish You Did
01. went to new jersey
02. worked more
03. spent more time with my friends ( i spent everyday with them, but it feels like it wasent enough now that im leaving)

TWO Rules You Broke
01. no trespassing
02. do not exchange goods or services (you wouldnt get it)

ONE Thing You LOVED About This Summer
shows, friends,hangingout, my life, EVERYTHING
In 2 minutes meet me in the bathroom.

[20 Aug 2005|01:34am]
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )

life is good. i love my friends.
i am sad everyone is leaving.
im not ready to go yet.
In 1 minute meet me in the bathroom.

[18 Jul 2005|01:47pm]
First best friend: dana
First date: dave
First kiss: joey hawes
First self purchased album: the spice girls
First funeral: grandma
First pets: jessie
First piercing/tattoo: ears
First credit card: debit card, AMERICAN EXPRESS
First enemy: tess

Last car ride: my car
Last kiss: friendley kiss, carissa, big kiss, dave?
Last good cry: couldn't tell you
Last movie seen: ughh i dont know
Last beverage drank: organic chocolate milk
Last crush: mike
Last time showered: last night
Last shoes worn: rainbows
Last cd played: i pod
Last item bought: coffee
Last disappointment: im not sure
Last time wanting to die: ugh maybe...like 4 years ago
Last time scolded: who knows
Last shirt worn: black lacey top
Last website visited: id have to say livejournal to get this survey
Last Song You Sang: copeland
Last Person You Hugged: um, colleen?
Last Thing You Laughed At: ha car ride with riki and colleen, to bpt
Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant It: 3 months ago

Name Four Bad Habits You Have:
1. smoking
2. biting my nails
3. being lazy
4. coffee

Name Four Things That You Wish You Had:
1. a new relationship
2. someone to love
3. a fresh start
4. a new computer

Name Four Scents You Love:
1. vanilla
2. fruits
3. shampoos
4. mexican food

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now:
1. fixing my room
2. going to the beach
3. mike
4. getting my phone fixed

Name Four Things That You Have Done Today:
1. woke up
2. ate breakfast
3. sat online
4. listen to music

Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought:
1. ciggs.
2. coffee
3. gas
4. repeate

What's In Your CD Player? a mix allee made me
What Color Socks Are You Wearing? ugh none
What's Under Your Bed? storage bins
What Time Did You Wake Up Today? 1230
Current Hair? down
Current Clothes? pjs
Current Annoyance? my phone
Current Worry? mike not comming
Current Hate? work
Last CD You Bought? i don't do the whole cd thing
Favorite Place To Be? around my friends
Least Favorite Place? home alone
Favorite Color? red
Do You Believe In An Afterlife? in some cases
How Tall Are You? 5"3
Favorite Season? summer
One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To? my grandma/grandpa's
Favorite Day? wednesday, friday, saturday
Where Would You Like To Go? all over, i want to travel a lot when im older
meet me in the bathroom.

Graduation 2005 [20 Jun 2005|11:34pm]
So its all comming to an end. 4 years of my life and its all over. 4 of the most important years of my life so far. Ill never forget freshmen year when mrs. haynes said, everyone look around, (on the first day of school) these next 4 years will go by so fast. then the last day of school freshmen year, she said everyone look around a quarter of your high school career is over...now here it is 4 years later from that first day, and it feels like yesterday i was a freshmen. my life has changed so much and i have had so many amazing times. thank you to all my friends for the amazing memories, all the sad and the good times, and everything in between. highschool has been great and i am so sad to see it go. thank you to everyone for making these 4 years of my life so great, here are a list of my favorite memories, sorry no pictures like kathryns huge collage.
moving to moorestown, allees old old house, driving cars into bushes, going to plays with karen and mark etc.. etc..., hanging out at allee's, lad fuckin' whatever, me kurt allee julie and john always together. 11-14-17-20..,the mental instituion, sayonces(haha we still cant spell that right),the jersey devil, my suprise party, bioligy with kate, pig nose,bbq's, andrew being taken over by ghosts, karen and her front step, suz and her porch, rip., pool parties, getting lost at the beach, ice cream fest, starbucks every second, uptown, main street, friendlys, maple shade custerd stand, moving, my new friends, meeting new people, shows, going home to new jersey, the list could go on and on....i have had so many amazing times too many to list, i loved highschool, and i love all of my friends.
class of 2005. we're done!
the end.
In 2 minutes meet me in the bathroom.

[22 May 2005|03:29pm]
Prom 2005Collapse )
In 4 minutes meet me in the bathroom.

[15 May 2005|03:29am]
This has been the worst week of my entire life.
meet me in the bathroom.

[14 Mar 2005|06:58am]
I don't think i could be any happier right now, I like the way things are right now. I had an amazing night last night. <333333
I love all of my friends and that is all that matters.
meet me in the bathroom.

[07 Mar 2005|03:05pm]
I completley fucked up everything. I am so sorry, you will never ever know how much i am. : (
meet me in the bathroom.

I wanna remember to remember to forget you forgot me [28 Feb 2005|01:08pm]
[ mood | blah ]

so the past few weeks have been decent.
Here are a few pictures and a little run down of my weeks.

dance party
gatherings at my house
andros diner
the flu
fetus couple
potato head
japansese wresteling
the mall
having NO money
cigarettes are fashionable
metallic nailpolish

Pictures.Collapse )

I really love all my friends, i love them all so much.
But i really feel like im laking something here. I miss new jersey so much, i have these friends there, that if something was wrong i could run to them and talk to them no matter what the situation i always had someone to talk to, granted i hate to talk about my problems but if there was a shoulder i needed to cry on i had it. Here i feel like im so alone, yes i have my friends, but i feel like there isnt specific person that i know if something was wrong and i so upset or something i wouldnt have anyone to calll. I don't know, i know i have so many great great friendships here and amazing friends, i just feel like im lacking something, i think its just me. i just miss having someone i can talk to untill like 3 in the morning about nothing, and being able to cry to, i had a lot of people like that.
I feel so numb here, just very numb sometimes. Im excited to go back to philly in the fall, ill miss my friends here SO much i really will, but im also happy to go back, get away from here. I really dont like connecticut, i love my friends but i just dont like it here. I don't know, my heads just in the gutter right now, i've been pretty down the past few days but things will improve, they always do.

In 4 minutes meet me in the bathroom.

[16 Feb 2005|07:30am]
I got a phone call yesterday. It was probably the greatest phone call I have ever recieved in my life.
meet me in the bathroom.

[14 Feb 2005|02:02pm]
I have this problem. And it involves me and someone, and i feel this way but i can't get myself to tell this person how i feel, i don't see this person often but we talk all the time, it kills me to say it but its one of thoes things you just have to do.

This kills me,
meet me in the bathroom.

[14 Feb 2005|12:39pm]
Happy Valentines Day.
i <3 you all.
In 2 minutes meet me in the bathroom.

[01 Feb 2005|11:40pm]
I am a really bad friend.
meet me in the bathroom.

[30 Jan 2005|11:13pm]
Things have been really good.
I saw a lot of great bands this weekend.
I got things cleared away with someone tonight and things couldnt be better between us.
This is looking real good.
meet me in the bathroom.

[26 Jan 2005|12:50am]
Things have improved 100% today.
I got into college.
What a relief.
Im much better now.
In 1 minute meet me in the bathroom.

[25 Jan 2005|12:50am]
Today sucked. I think everything that could have ever gone wrong, went wrong today.
I am so over this place, im ready to move on with my life.
meet me in the bathroom.

[23 Jan 2005|01:28am]
I am so comfortable with life right now. A little confused but very comfortable.
meet me in the bathroom.

[20 Jan 2005|11:19pm]
Sometimes I find it a little difficult, to find decent friends.
meet me in the bathroom.

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