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oops! [Monday
May 9th, 2005 at 6:16am]


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cherry coke [Monday
May 9th, 2005 at 4:53am]
[ mood | bored ]

hey gotta new journal its friends only comment to be added.
<3 Christina

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wow. [Tuesday
May 3rd, 2005 at 10:30am]
[ mood | sore ]

havent posted in a while..life is pretty bleh.shit.fun. for me now. weekend was pretty sick.
-some people hate me. and wanna fight me
-i went to hot yoga today with jen and kalley for the first time for science it was insane
-everyones in washington or skippen.
nothing really new. i need to post those green day pics. but i cant because my computer is crashen majorly which means i get a new one :o)
well im out late
<3 Christina

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oh how pitful [Thursday
April 28th, 2005 at 7:37pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay..havent updated in a while heres whats new.
-Relized my family's cursed this has been the WORST year ever for us.
-Peter and I broke up
-School's gay and boring but can be fun.
-Im getten okay grades. In everything but Math and French ((which im failing))
-I try to keep my life as un-dull as possible.
-Life with family just gets worser by the minute
-Moms leaven for the weekend because cousin died so i need a place to stay thru monday night. If i can stay with you please let me know.
-Im tryen to get a ride out of here right now to Tampa :D.
-Alee started a bitch fit with me today so im definatley not in the mood so were fighten i guess but i dont give a damn she doesnt need to come out of no where sayen shit.
-I cant wait to hang with AM this weekend and go to the party Saturday.

x0x Christina <3

scream till my veins collpase
im pitful
what are you today
i just a little paranoid
so just get off my case
buy me a pack and lite em up
get me out of this place

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this is buggy,buggy says hi [Saturday
April 23rd, 2005 at 2:40am]
[ mood | bored ]

hEy. well i havent updated in a few days..well i will when i get home just checken up and sayen hi and im still alive just so you dont worry about me lol jk jk =D anyways im in science and Jennifers sitting with me on the couch and shes listening to Hawthorne Heights had a little spelling problem..but shes such a cool heavy metal rocker and she helped me out bceuase shes nice like that *because im not going and erasing it deal with my bad spelling for now this laptops hard to type on. Okay well i made this post more than i wanted it to be but yeah...im out thank god its Friday!!!
x0x Christina <3 and heavy metal godess lol jk Jennifer
<33 I LoVe PeTeR <33
and Jen uhh yeah. i have to keep it on the DL so bye.

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April 19th, 2005 at 11:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I just got home from the Green Day concert. The most awesomest shit ive ever seen in my whole flippen life. I love Green Day to Fucken DEATH! I wouldnt say those words unless i meant it and i do! Green Day is soooo much love. That concert was the shit im so glad i went i love Billie Joe and I love Green Day and i love every part about tonight. It was so much will update tomorrow on almost every detail i had so much fun good music.good friends.good times!My CHemical Romance was awesome too ROCK OUT!!! late
x0x Christina <3
<33 I Love YoU PeTeR <33
tomorrow is 420!

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SHA BAM! [Monday
April 18th, 2005 at 8:25pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Yah.hm.Relized i just have like no life what so ever.
i dont even remeber when i posted last. no deatil in this post because im lazy so if you werent there you dont need to know.
Surf Comp-Saturday and Sunday- was crazy awesome fun. Met Ian and hes a big kook. Cheered on Sarah and Kyle poor kids they didnt do so good. But hey i still love em! it was windy and cold as hell. The waves were so damn choppy it was a mess. I have a scar on my arm now from the salt and ice thing oh whatever. Just got a call from Sarah's mom my grandafathers in the hospital and i have to go to Sarah's. Werid. i didnt know any of this was happening. Well. im gunna go grab my stuff so i can go to Sarah's for a little. Ill proably pass out on her couch. Im sooooooo tired. Well i went to school today. Needless i say more? it was gay. Oh yeah Saturday night i went to the movies with Peter we had fun i love that boy <3. I dont know if i already told you that who cares. Time to go on my little path of doom. I hate my mom shes a gay freeak she wont let me miss school tomorrow for the Green Day concert. I have to stay at school ALL DAY. OMFG ahhhhhhhh!!! thats retarded we need to leave earlier shes stupid. were leaven at 530 and it starts at 7. Were gunna miss it and im gunna be so pissed off at her she doesnt even know. Im not gunna talk to her AT ALL. I pissed my dad off last ngiht to i told him i didnt want him callen me because i dont like him. (( if i need him ill call him )) hes tryen to be all nice to me NOW not BEFORE too late buddy i dont operate like that hes always been a meanie to me and now he relizes it. good for him. he should of known a while ago. Well i gotta get my stuff together for Sarah's. Im stayen for like 30 minutes. Well nice talken to you kook's. Late
x0x Christina <3
<33 I LovE PeTeR <33
is anyone else super tired today?
Exciting Events in my life that are comen up
-Green Day Concert
-Going to bed in a few hours
-Seeing peter tomorrow
-Getten a life.
thats all for now.

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hows regina [Saturday
April 16th, 2005 at 11:56pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

so..your life sucks. cha right. Haven the best weekend ever. Kristine came down on Friday and we wigged at school and Carly came home with me Alee won us tickets to Green Day and Daytona Lagoon. Uhh.. We went to Chili's and wigged and Peter was going crazy with food and knives and like 6 packs of sugar in his coke and uhm Carly with ice on the blinds LoL it was awesome. I had fun. I love Peter he's such a good b/f. We had so much fun last night Kristine came over and we wigged and we stayed up till like 330 on the phone with Peter and then leave Steno 5 Messages untill the message thing turned off. Today woke up at 10 had breakfast went to tennis uhm then came home and showered went to the surf comp it was tight as hell and fun.. Matt Novak was soo good. His mom's awesome! Hung around there till like 5 and then Andrea,Carly,Kristine and Alee and I hung out then me Andrea and Carly had wicked awesome fun and then went to the movies and me and Peter got our own section lol we saw the Ring Two Again it was fun. Then i came home and talked to people online and now im talken to Peter on the phone and were wiggen!Well im out gotta wake up early tomarrow to go to the comp at like 8. later.
x0x Christina <3
<33 I LoVe YoU PeTeR <33

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droppen like flies all those punk rock guys [Thursday
April 14th, 2005 at 4:31pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

hEy. Whats new in my hood well lets see.. Tuesday went to school and it was okay i cant even remeber Tues. oh well. Yesterday got pulled at early and went to Mcdonalds for lunch then came back uhhh 3rd periods been fun latley. Today uhh was pretty boring 6th period i was totally wiggen and 7th me and heather left and got scared and ran away from the chickens lets see what else.. i dont have a life and 103.3 all day tomorrow is Green Day day bcuz there sellen tickets all day for GreenDay in Jax and i can go now my mom said i couldnt at first so i canceled my ticket order but now shes thinken about it =D yay. A surprise im sommen tonight and im not tellen you. Uhh.. To enetr the surf comp this Saturday and Sunday or not to. Idk maybe i will. Tylers to good for it because he's sponsered by so many good companys. Taylors entering and Taylor's awesome hes a kook i also had fun in PE. LoL. Well thats about it.
I have a decison to make.. Well im out. going to talk to peter online now =D
x0x Christina <3
<3 I LOVE PETER!!! <3

oh yeah. Andrew threw a bag of M&M's down the street and said fetch to me and of course i got them. They were yummy. =D

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a wasp is flyen outside. [Monday
April 11th, 2005 at 1:50pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Well. Im home sick. Enjoyen it sort of.. Well i havent been up long enough to enjoy it. I only got up like an hour ago. Watched TV and listened to MCR. A))Im thinken to go back to bed. B)) Watch TV C)) Listen to more cd's D)) all of the above and do nothing.
Wow so much fun. I checked on Ripcurl.com on their Grom Search and Tyler Crawford was 1st in two divisions and then also 2nd in another division. It was like 14 & Under and 16 & up. I really do hate that kid. He's sponsered by awesome companys and hes moving to Cali. Whatta a biiiiiiizz-ch. Well i made myself lunch. It's one of the only things i can make. Campbells Sopu at hand. mmm.. Well i guess ill go to school tomorrow. I dont really know. Depends on how im feelen. Sore Throats suckkk. And i got this stupid miserable neck ache like this really sharp pain if i turn it a certin way which is dumb because its from sleepen the wrong way with the fan on high. How does a fan make your neck hurt? I dont know thats retarded i say. Well thats all the news for today. Im out.
x0x Christina <3
I LoVe YoU PeTeR .:. <3 .:.

im thinken about it,
what if i got sponsered hmm..
that would be sick.
thinken about tryen that
ill try real hard
thinken its time to call Frankie,Kai,Tim or Brad
.... ill leave on a high note.

Summers comming soon =D

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Pardon Me [Sunday
April 10th, 2005 at 4:59pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey. Well i havent updated in 4 days or so..heres my life.. i have lived 4 days without my father. Actually i dont care about him that much. It's better with me and my mom. Except theres still the occasional fighten. Anyways..
Thursday- Woke up late..didnt go to school..went out to eat with brother sister-in-law and mom. Had fun then came home and layed around all day.
Friday- Went to school. It was pretty fun. We had a war in Mr.Martin's woo. Andrea rode my bus home and Alee got kicked off of it Then we had to walk to Alee's and Drea left her bag on the bus so we had to call them and all this non-sense. Came home had pizza, got ready and saw a movie and Mike joined us. Then i put my Accent back on and made these kids belive i was Australian.It was fun.
Saturday-Woke up, Went to tennis ((played like SHIZZZ)) Came home and got ready went to CMT play came home and me and Alee gt ready for the movies and i wigged out while we were on the phone with Chad it was fun then me alee and peter went to Daytona Lagoon and we forgot to pick up Andrea -lol- But we wigged out at the Ocean Walk and watched surf video's in Maui Nix and then went to the parken garage and this scar hobo scared the liven shit outta me so we ran to Burger King and like left there bcuz we were wiggen and scared lol and we thought we were gunna die from the food and then we were walken to the Gator shop and the police show up in Burger King lol so we went to the Gator shop and they had a real Gator and this kid had a fake one and Peter wigged hard bcuz he thought it was real it was so funny then we went back to Daytona Lagoon and saw the hippo _LoL_ Then played DDR and uhh watched Peter and Alee play games then we went Go-Karting and hung around and left. Then My dad picked us up and took us to Krispy Kreme and we wigged like crazy and Alee was going crazy for real. SNITCHZEL lmfao. Good Times. Then i came home and Peter asked me out =D and i said noo.. hahaha JUST KIDDEN of COURSE I SAID YES.
Sunday-Went to Brothers house and watched movies went to walgreens now im back home and a i feel sick..bleh..
im tired so im out ttyl.

x0x Christina <3

I heart Peter

<33 I LoVe YoU pEtEr <33

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picture perfect family. </3 [Wednesday
April 6th, 2005 at 11:34pm]
[ mood | sad ]

theres a climas in every story right.
well i think i reached todays climax.
It's something no one needs to worry about and it not that i dont trust you or anything its just a family issue.
Its me and the world facing another day.
Im just happy i have friends like you who i can cry on and have a shoulder to lean on and make me smile.
If you have a problem with me or something just lay it off for a while right now im in a family crisis and i dont need anymore shit to mess my life up. Remeber chin up,be happy, strong atitude, hope you can get threw this.
Alee thanks so much i love you to death your my best friend for life and i know atleast Bobby Frappier's still there. =D

ill be just fine pretending im not..

going to burst into to tears and cry myself to sleep tonight. Not over a silly boy either.

</3 Christina </3 ..I see the picture its torn its a picture of my mom,my brother, my sister in law and me its a picture without you where have you gone? i hope your okay. Christmas just aint gunna be the same. i miss you. and i never really said i loved you till now your really gone

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April 5th, 2005 at 9:43pm]
no more hsc.
i straightened everything out with her. long story no need for details.
uh..school is cool
because i have a brittish Australian accent. and like its hard to talk normally now.
anyways nothing really new to say
i have to go find some dinner
later x0x Christina <3
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My little Black Heart breaks apart [Sunday
April 3rd, 2005 at 1:16pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Wow... let me just say it's been a fun experience these few days. And i havent been on because my mom took away my keyboard i will explain in a little.

Later Friday- Went to work. Worked all day from 10-530. Not that many people came in so it was pretty boring. But i worked on the website. We couldnt find any pictures of this certin jean so they had to take a picture of me in the jeans and now my butts online if you would like to see it the website is -->


Then came home from work and got ready to go out for the night. ((Read More))Collapse )

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a war i cant fight. [Friday
April 1st, 2005 at 8:44am]
[ mood | drained ]

hey. Yesterday i went to the mall with Alee. We saw the weridest people ever. TRAILER TRASH!! hahaha anyways i bought gay stuff and Annemarie a present for her birthday. Yes, i did step foot in Abercrombie..scary eh? Well we chilled at the mall for 4 hours. Then came home and tried to make plans but my mom was being a stupid bitch didnt work out! God i was so pissed.

Alee and I watched maken the band and she left.
lets just say.
i know some stuff that i really hate knowen about a certin someone and its gross..also stuff that (it) shouldnt stop..whatta fag-bag evening. NO OFFENSE ALEE I HAD FUN WHEN YOU WERE HERE AND I WASNT BITCHEN AT MY MOM!!!!!!

god damn.
i dont feel good and i know why.
i gotta headache. i was up till 2 last night. Doing nothing texten people.. i hope i dont start throwen up.

all i gotta say is beer.
ah, forget it..
im still in a shitty mood and it sucks
i know one reason but i dont know the other.

im starten a club.. its called HSC.
join..put in it your profile or do whatever i dont care. Just as long as we spread the hate.
ye ye.
well im out i gotta go get readyy for work..woooo flippen who!
i said something im not sure i meant last night:: Im gunna quit surfen because someone whos a good ass skater whos all bummed and shit and isnt sponsered is gunna quit skatebaording. Might as well like theres any waves here and like im any good at it.
im out.

x0x Christina <3

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Im supposed to be the soilder that never blows his compsuer [Thursday
March 31st, 2005 at 10:00am]
[ mood | calm ]

hEy. Well its Thursday morning way to early and sadly surf camp for spring is over which is gay! It's so sad i didnt even say bye i was just like im gunna see them tomorrow. Turns out i wont see them till summer... Im gunna miss Frankie. ((My bestest instructor EVER)) This is so sad so heres how yesterday went.¤
♥ Weds- Woke up late got ready to go surfen watched Will Smith on the Today show and it was pretty cool Sarah came and we got to camp and got our wet suits on and went out with Frankie <3 yay! we had some crazy fun and the waters warming up heck yesss!! I found out i have an IQ of 4 because i can squeeze water through my hands and it comes out the other side lmfao it took me a while to egt but Frankie says i have an IQ of 4 so go me im gunna go somewhere known who do make water come out my hands lol. Went in for lunch and had a funny time with the ketchup we had two bottles and almost went through it all I HEART KETCHUP!!! yay! Then we were in the hot tub for a while and we would see Cole ((my fake husband whos adorable)) and we would annoy him and his brother then we started singing yellowcard and got told to shut up..gay..Then we bought huge pixi sticks and ate the whole thing and ate smarties wooo i never got hyper till like 1030 at night Then went back out surfen with Brad and it was fun i went backwards with the fins backwards and your supposed to turn the board and jump but i was afraid of hitten someone bcuz the whole board turns and so i just road it like that for the whole way. It was a fakie oh well it was sick. Back to the pool...hot tub..no karoke...no mr. bye bye bye =( Got ready to leave..stood outside and i did this funky sign to these wiggers and they looke dout the window and they like looked at me and then they drove around and started yellen and stuff it was funny.. there gross..wiggers..blehh the only wigger i thinks cool is Chad. But Chad is a prep now..((says Chad)) and my brother and i guess no one else i really dont like wiggers. Went home with Sarah we went to Screwy Scoops and Peter called me and they were wiggen and being mean lol and then Sarah called him back acten like me and it was all crazy. Went home talked to Peter on the phone and the Online and i threw up bcuz i think i had way to much sugar today 3 Cokes+Large Pixi Stick+Smarties+cookie dough and cake batter ice cream=blehhhh lol anyways me and Peter were supposed to go to see a movie last night but Alee went to Carlys and uhh they didnt wanna go anywhere bcuz they were "to tired" soo we didnt go and we talked online all night which was pretty fun he told me something really bad that happend to him and im not gunna tell it to the world on my LJ. So its better off you dont know =D. I made him feel better tho i hope =D then i worked out and went to bed. At like 12. Then woke up and im here now. Hoping to have so fun today and tonight. Well im out im hungry gunna go have some breakfast. Its werid not going surfen.. =/
later -x- CoMmEnT xXx BiTcHeS -x-
x0x Christina ♥

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just one chance is all i wanted [Tuesday
March 29th, 2005 at 5:52pm]
[ mood | YAY! ]

hEy. Well sorry i havent updated. Sunday night we hung around and i played my brothers PSP all night.Then talked on the phone with pEtEr and watched Eurotrip and ViVa La BaM and south Park ((while on the phone and waxen my board))
Monday- i anticipated this day for about a month or two. I had butterflies till 9 AM. Went to surf camp saw Kai and asked him how Paris was lmao and talked to Tim and me and Sarah wore our bum shackey hats lol hung around put our wet suits on and got ready to go surfen! SO much fun i talked to Kai because he was out instructor and i relized how awesome he is and we talked about music while me alee and Leigha sang Fall Out Boy had the yummy chicken fingers sat in the hot tub and got the best wave of the day and one of the most sickest waves i have ever caught it was so wicked. Uhm.. Then we ignorged Kai and talked to Frankie because Frankies the shit god damn it! hell yah we love Frankie!! Crazyness that whole day lots of laughs. Came home washed my wet suit and uhh talked on the computer and went to bed
Today-Woke up got in my gankster outfit looked pimped as hell i was a wigger!! YAY!! Me and Sarah had our outfit days so todays was fun. Since it was so windy there was no waves it just broke shore. So for the morning session we had a paddle race without any wet suits i died it was so freeeeezen i thought i died then we had to run because we lost and i was excited =D go running!! Then Me,Alee,Sarah,Pandii,Leigha and Nicole felt sick lol so we went inside and chilled. Ate lunch outside and i had to be the bus girl and surfed for 2 hours because it was breaken a little on the outside. It was so much funn we danced to the cha cha slide on the sandbar and the cotton eyed joe and sang and Tim was out instructor and he rocks my socks off and we saw Jordan WE MISSS YOU JORDAN!! Jordans the effing shiz!! And he told us he stayed with Spidey and Spideys commen down in April YAY! SPIDEY RULES!! GO WEB GO!! lmao. Then i was like alee lets go in so we went in and almost got hit by cars lol and then put our boards up and this hot kids like surfs up and were like yah and hes like not really and were like we know and he was hot but we get upstairs and this hotttt ass boy was singing Martarigaville and hes like wheres the damn salt it was crazy then we chille din the hot tub till the rest of the group came and then Kevin Marino sang a country song and we took a picture to put in the yearbook we were cracken up and the hot boy went and sang BYE BYE BYE and did the movements and the jumpen thing totally pulled off a Justin Timberlake lol hes hot and awesome we cheered so much for him then back to the hot tub after cracken up like crazy and then we got ready to go and while were leaven Kevins up there with his brother singin fitty cent in da club to not reuion his wiggerness lol. Came home sat in the sun now online proably will be for the rest of the night. Then sleepen for the last day of Spring Break Surf Camp =( BOO!! Saturday's or something were gunna have to go surf with Frank and Kai. =) i miss Andrew =( he rocked! and Dave and his bugg eyes glasses lmao.well im out laterr <3
x0x Christina <33
KiSsEs N HuGs ~xoxo~

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hes a tree his hair is the leaves [Sunday
March 27th, 2005 at 2:45pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

hEy. THE WERIDEST THING happend today. but ill get to that in a little.
last night- Got ready for the B'nai Mitzvah went to the temple and then to my house and Sarah came with me put my contacts in and got different shoes then went to the party it was soooooooo much fun me and sarah got like 5 pictures taken and then a charcter which is adorable and we danced the night away and i ate sooo much and danced and laughed at Ryan Gaines and this other kid who had mad dancing skills lol. It was just lots of fun we got all this crazy stuff and big hats like bum hats that are made outta straw its hilarious i have some pics will upload. So were the last ones dancen and its time to leave its uhh 1230 AM and we got beads on so all the spring breakers thought we were like them lol were driven home and im watchen all the spring breakers drunk as hell lol and we get pulled over by a cop im like shit i had my beads on and shit and my bandanna around my head and the guy looks at me hes like where have you been my moms like a B'nai Mitzvah hes like how much did you have to drink shes like a glass of win lol but she didnt get tickted her lights werent on so i get home its like 140 i go to bed that was my night
today-Woke up bcuz my mom was yellen at me to get ready for church got ready for church went to church and i walk in and out the door from the smaller room in the church walks Justin im like oh shit i laughen and like looked at the ground turns out theres no seats in the church so we go into the cafeteria and have church there and 3 rows in front of me is Justin my whole family including I is laughen the whole time it was great so were walken outta church and hes behind us my mom decided to be nice and she walks over to him and is like Justin happy easter i gave him the see right through you look and cracked up it was werid then i taked to Casey and shes like oh yah, Peter was there at the 9 AM im like grrr...lol i landed up seeing flippen Justin and i couldnt see my bestest buddy Peter lol i saw a few hot abercrombie guys i was like wow.. your hot lol... but then we went to the Kolblicks house had lunch and then went to my G-Ma's and i got 20 dollars and came home and i got candy and 20 more dollars from my parents all in all this has been a fun family day. Thats all for now <33
[[Ex oH Ex]] Christina <3
<33 CrUsHen <33

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March 26th, 2005 at 10:52am]
[ mood | giddy ]

hEy. im offically over Justin hes an ass. He hooked up with another chick after we broke up. MAJOR ASS!!Anywas yesterday i talked to pEtEr all day and then showered and watched the rain because i tornado warning was for here went to the movies with pEtEr,AlEE,AndrEa, and Carly. We saw Heather and Sami and NuttEr there. Also saw Frankie he said Kai is worken this Spring Break and Dave's a construction worker lmfao and they cant find Andrew =( i miss all ym surf instructors i love you all man!!  uhh went to bed at like 230 talked to peter and watched a movie on tEE vEE then went to bed woke up at 10 went online went to tennis had fun while it was rainen playen tennis then me and carly had a huge clay fight came home got clean and sitten on the computer talken to peter and uhh going to a Bat/Bar Mitzvah later in the day like 5 woo fun!Its so nasty outside.. all it does it rain its gunna be like this till Tuesday says pEtEr. Sucks ass!! on a better note:: bands that are going to Warped tour:: the ones i like i bolded. and here they are... im definatley going this year with pEtEr,Alee and rpoally Kristine me and peter made plans already to see this and lords of the dogtown =)
The Academy Is...
The All-American Rejects
Amber Pacific
Another Damn Disappointment
Armor For Sleep
Avenged Sevenfold

Bedouin Sound Clash
Billy Talent
The Bled
Bleed The Dream
Bleeding Through
Boys Night Out
The Briefs
A Change of Pace
Dead 60's
Dillinger Escape Plan
Dropkick Murphys
El Pus
The Explosion
Fall Out Boy
The Fight
From First to Last
Fu Manchu
Funeral For a Friend
Gatsby's American Dream
Go Betty Go
Gogol Bordello
Greeley Estates
Gym Class Heroes
Hawthorne Heights
Hidden In Plain View
Hot Rod Circuit
The Kinison
Left Alone (BBQ Band)
Lost City Angels
Matchbook Romance ((fiuck yah!!))
The Matches

Motion City Soundtrack

My American Heart
My Chemical Romance
No Use For A Name
The Offspring
Plain White T's
Reggie And The Full Effect
Relient K

Senses Fail
Simple Plan
Something Corporate
The Starting Line
Street Dogs
Strike Anywhere
Strung Out
A Thorn For Every Heart
Throw Rag

Tsunami Bomb
The Twenty Two's
The Unseen
Valient Thorr
Yesterdays Rising

im excited =) hell yes i cant wait. anyways im out to talk to the world and get ready for later today

late x0x Christina <33 Mucho love!!!

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March 24th, 2005 at 11:05pm]
[ mood | i have no idea ]

Hey. Well today was ehh not that good. Im just glad its SPRING BREAK!! Thank God. Well i really want to say thanks to everyone who comment i got tears in my eyes no lie. I love you all <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH. Sorry i didnt comment idvidually back. Im just shocked and i dont know what to say. I figured he's an ass so he can live iwth himself :o) Not me i shall move on ++pLuS++ Speing Break Hotties lol. Well today heres how today went woke up made the bus and had extra time :o) oh yeah! First Big point after assholes gone next went to school took pictures and we had a pizza party and French and was hyper most of the day counting down till Spring Break uhhh Mrs.Fisher speaks French CREEPEY! uhh Science we have to do a project and me and Jennifer and Mrs.Harwood ((the teacher)) are going to take Hot Yoga. Werid but its a science project. pReTtY CoOl EhHh? interesting. Uhh French we played Animal Bingo :o) and counted down from a minute till S.B started lol then Carly came home with me and we petted Andrew's head on the bus he has aweomse hair he stole my Pizza box :o( Uhh.. Carly and i skateboarded for like 2 hours and we went to Steak -n- Shake and then rented movies and we watched part of Shawn of the Dead it was really back so we watched Down to Earth BEST MOVIE EVER!! I love that movie i seen it before :o). Now im getting ready to go to sleep soon. Never lol jk. Im just grateful to have friends like you i love you all to fucken death!! I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU ALL BCUZ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <333 x0x0x0x0 BFFL!!
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SO MUCH YOU GUYS ROCK MY WORLD!!! Much love to you all thanks i know i have you guys!!! x0x0x0x0 MUAH <33
Anyways i got a text from Justin that pissed me off --> I dont want anything to do with you ever dont text me.. so hes being an ass he said he wanted to talk to me still WTF? whatever. ill just go on wiht my life hoping yours is fucked up as hell you deserve it little fucking bitch :o) hEhEhEhE well thanks again to you all I FREEKEN LOVE YOU <33
late x0x Christina <33
pEE Ess:: walken home from school by myself SUCKS im so lonley.. ((good song)) i have my eye on a new boy :o) hopefully hes not an ass <3 lovies <3

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