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1 can't be me | i'm a rockstar!
[03 Dec 2004|09:17am]
LAST WARNING. this journal will be deleted by monday.


2 can't be me | i'm a rockstar!
[26 Nov 2004|10:10pm]
okayokay. new journal. this one will be deleted... soon. eventually, anywayyys. i think i've added you all anyway but if i missed someone then tell me. ♥


5 can't be me | i'm a rockstar!
[22 Nov 2004|07:57pm]
[ mood | creative ]

okay. home again. eljay fucks up whenever i try to update at school. exams went well. The Incredibles is incredible, and ryan's house with guy is fun, and the play went so so so so well, and i think i'm going to try out for tiff's one-act this winter because my parents are all ARIGHWJ BE IN ONE PRODUCTION THIS YEAR OR WE WILL KILL YOU. i'm so scared for my grades because i know i didn't do as well as they want me to and that means another fun drive with dad.

i'm home, as i said, with a charged digicam and an unhealthy amount of boredom. so, ask for three pictures. keeping in mind that i don't have any friends around and i'm not posting any pictures of my family. ask for pictures of three things, or me making a silly face or something. i'll post a new entry with requests in a couple days. yay! i totally stole this from sarie, by the way.

i am doing christmas shopping and christmas making this week. i can't believe how close it is to christmas! holy, holy crap. we just might make it to NB for new year's. i think i'll die of happiness if we do. i guess it's a tease, though; i still won't have a someone to kiss at midnight. but being on the right side of the border is so goddamned refreshing.

i miss everyone. i love you.

5 can't be me | i'm a rockstar!
[31 Oct 2004|05:46pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

oops, it's been way too damn long.

i'm home, in CT. a year ago i came to this house for the first time and i think i cried the first night. the first night here, last night, i laughed and watched CSI and ate ridiculously expensive cheesecake and a waiter thought i was fourteen and slept lots. this is so good for my soul. rejuvenating. i am swelling with happiness. nights like this i think of my two favourite newf-girls, and i wish i could drop by their houses and leave cookies on their doopsteps. that's the kind of mood i'm in. it's very, very pleasant and i like it a whole bunch. i am swelling with love. nights like this, i want to (after i've dropped off the cookies) lie in someone's arms and sing them this song. the someone knows.


i love everybody. la vie est belle. first list: 3.466. the parents are pissed. i'll try to do better, both eljay-wise and school-wise. but really, seriously, things are good. bye.

4 can't be me | i'm a rockstar!
[05 Oct 2004|05:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

THINGS OF NOTE (in order of appearance):

i saw bubba yesterday!!!! before i went to chapel. i was in the student centre and then he stopped in front of me and grinned that bubba-grin at me and i looked up, looked back down to my book, REALISED WHAT I WAS SEEING! jumped up and jumped on him. it was so nice to have a bubba-hug.

NO MORE EM ESS EN DURING STUDY HALL! i may have to cry myself to sleep over this.

talked to leah all first period, then went to get a letter from her which was so so so so so so good. although the envelope was kindof torn and the candy she sent me didn't make it here. the coral and picture of her hot host brother did! and that's all that matters. dear god i miss that girl. seriously.

ren faire is soon and it's my first time and i'm excitedexcited. i'm going to dress up like a prrrrincess! because i AM a princess. goddammit. at least someone thinks so... or at least treats me like i am...

what else. oh yes! i get to see my parents and little brother in ten days! and my half-birthday is in fourteen days! and my parents are thinking about going to Moncton for christmas to be with my uncle greg, aunt tess, and two cousins! that would be so so so nice. to have a little bit of family so it wouldn't be so very very lonely. my parents' florida plans kinda got shot down. or blown down. either way.

i'm a very happy little girl lately, really. there are itchy things but mostly it's permeating loveliness. it's actually kindof funny, because leah wrote on the back of the envelope, tu n'es pas seul, je suis avec toi. you're not alone, i'm with you. i think that's the recurring theme in my life. i'm not alone. you're with me. and i give a little of myself to everyone i love, and a lot of myself to those i love the most, so i am really with them, too... it's a very comforting feeling, really. a warm cozy feeling. a white butterfly.

1 can't be me | i'm a rockstar!
[01 Oct 2004|08:50pm]
okay! update!!

just kidding about the math freakout. i got a 93 on the test. at least i worry myself into success, right? right. also, ben loaned me every cd he owns, more or less, so i'm swimming in music. leah used the last five minutes of her monthly phone card to talk to my answering machine. ali and i have too much fun talking about boys and running with no arms. plus, favourite! la vie est belle, and i got a 97 on my first french test. i don't really have anything else to talk about. except i finished all my homework by eight and i'm kindof bored. le sigh.

tomorrow i don't have to do anything tennis related at ALL! i'm going to take a nap and catch up on all the sleep i've been missing this week. i haven't been sleeping well lately. i guess it's probly 'cause i've got better things to be doing than sleep. and eleven really is so early. some nights i'm so tired but i can't sleep because my body's going, no! it's too earrrrly! you should be on the internet for at least a billion more hours.

i have to write an ethics paper! crap! maybe i won't get to take that nap after all.

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