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6 December 1960
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I am a long time Tolkien buff who loves elves and The Sentinel. My best friend Jessie, known on LJ as Peter Neverland, and I enjoy writing, rping and vidding.

I've been actively involved in fandom for many years, starting in music by working with artists like Alice Cooper, REM, The Monkees, and Faster Pussycat as well as local bands doing promotion, publicity, photography and other odd jobs. I started in online fandom with ER back in 1995 and have been a part of Touched By An Angel, Gene Loves Jezebel, Mark Owen, Lord of the Rings and most recently The Sentinel.

For the past year, I have been the webmaster for Garett Maggart Online and have run a LJ community for Garett. In recent months, offline life has commanded my time and attention and continues to do so.

This is my personal journal and is friends only. There's nothing of interest to anyone that's not a friend, but feel free to post if you'd like to be added. My journal for my writing/graphics/vidding is erin_riwen, though it has not been updated in a long time and likely won't anytime soon.

My icons are free to share and I consider it flattery if you do so. If you take a userpic icon that was created by someone other than me, please show consideration and credit them for it.