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Apr. 3rd, 2020

Comments are screened by default.  Some story or fandom announcement posts will remain public.

I have shaved my flist down to the folks that I actually talk to and who respond to me, nothing personal against those that I cut.  Tthe writing friends I've moved to my writing journal.  If you want to be friended, just comment and tell me about yourself and why you want to friend me.

Thanks and an update

Thanks to everyone for their emails, comments and phone calls.  We're doing ok...we went to Jessie's (Peter Neverland) sister's house.....not a lot of rest there but at least we're safer.  Just released map of the burn area...we're in more danger than ever.  We'll be driving up today after work to see it for ourselves...in the meantime, here's the fire map....I marked our general location at the bottom right hand part of the map...I hope these winds die down soon...

Copyright claims on music vids

Hi all...yes, am still around..just starting to emerge from the mass of work, moving and visitors...

Something happened today that I just thought I'd share, in case it happens to any of you.

Just wanted to give a heads up if any of you have posted your music vids on your myspace...I had one of mine, a Sentinel one there and it was removed and I was barred from uploading until I passed a "quiz" because someone claimed a copyright.  They would not tell me if it was the song or the clips that someone was claiming - but either way, since I don't own either, I can't refute that I don't own them.  This just happened, so I might get more info, but I might not.

Everyone traveling to Moonridge

Have a safe trip and a great weekend!

Thought for the day

"Decide exactly what you want in every area of your life; you can't hit a target you can't see."
--Brian Tracy

Thought of the Day

Greatness is your potential. Action is your opportunity.

Thought of the Day

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, only then will the world know peace. 

"Jimi Hendrix"

Yup, it's true....she's 30 again....

for my dearest friend and closest companion peter_neverland.  It was 4 years ago today that we met for the first time and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.  Love you Jess!

and today is a special day.  It's kungfunurse  birthday!!!!

So, behind the cut is a joint effort.  Starwatcher shot this, Jessie cleaned it up all nice and neat - me, it was just my idea.  BTW, I still freaking love the red hat!

So, hope you like it and hope you had a wonderful birthday, hon!

For you Cal!

For my friend cyloran  - Wheeee!

I had the honor of meeting Jon Cassar at the LCA 7 event when we went to see Garett and Richard and he was a total class act.  What a nice guy and I'm so pleased for him.

random silliness

Well, I seem incapable of anything creative except this website...I tried all weekend to no avail, so I'll be finishing it before doing any of the things on my fun, creative list.

In the meantime, my dear roommate peter_neverland has resurrected an old plot bunny community plot_bunny_inc we had years ago.  I never participated as well as she did..there are a few nice Sentinel stories there she did as well as a lot of other random stuff.  The community is any fandom, any style, challenge every 2 weeks kinda thing, so if that's your idea of fun, join up.  In the meantime, she posted her new story and as it's drawn from a real life convo between her and me at work, if you're interested...give it a glance.

Now, to finish the website and make the final ads for my Moonridge Auction items.

Am crazy with work

but this seemed to have gotten a lot of squee...so I thought I'd share it here for anyone that's interested... 

Thank you, one and all

I so appreciate all the responses to my questions in both my journal and in Aly's. Many points were brought up that I agree with and/or that gave me a new perspective to consider. I promise a response to each of you in kind, but it's after 10 pm, I worked 12 hours today and only just finished with chores and dinner. It's end of week, end of month and end of quarter and work is a nightmare and I'm beyond brain dead. I will respond, just not tonight. Right now, I just need sleep. Thanks again - all of you - for responding to my questions.


What is up with feedback in the fandom?

OK, this is a serious question. I really want to understand how people perceive giving feedback. I've watched the ljs and lists for months wondering about this issue. I'm fairly new to this fandom, as everyone knows, but I've observed a few things. First, when there's a fight to be had, the fandom comes out in droves. On the other hand, when people have put heart and soul into creative work for nothing save the enjoyment of the fandom, people appear to not want to be bothered for the most part to even say good job or thanks for putting that effort in. I've seen certain authors leave groups, stop posting fiction, even find a new fandom to share their creativity in - people that loved Sentinel with a passion. I have to wonder how much of it is lack of feedback - I know for a fact some of it is. I am guilty of not giving it when I first encounter something sometimes because I'm busy, but I always try to remember to go back at some point and give it. I've even made notes to myself to do that at some point. However, this is a huge fandom and they are vocal when they wanna be, so what is it that makes people not bother to type a small handful of words on a list or lj or email to let someone know how much they enjoyed and appreciated creative stuff? If we as a fandom do this...then we lose. We lose creativity, we lose people, we lose fun, we lose joy, we lose our fandom. As wonderful as the anniversary site is and we got some amazing stuff for it..if you look at the contributions compared to the talented people in this fandom, I dunno...just seems disproportionate. I have to wonder how many wonderful writers, artists and vidders we've lost to other fandoms for this reason that I DON'T know about.

Anatomy of a music video

You know, I always appreciated the amount of work and effort I thought went into making a music vid and I love watching them, but it wasn't until I did my own that I really understood the effort. Jessie and I decided to make one together for the Anniversary. Easy enough, right? She chose the song - wouldn't have been my first choice, but it was a lovely choice for the anniversary and it's really grown on me in the making. So, we start. We get a whole vid done...some bits her choice, some mine, some combined...all told, probably several days worth of work involved. However, there are weak spots and we know it. We ask a long time, multi-fandom vidder who knows TS but is not in TS to beta it and she gave some brutally honest and excellent feedback.

So, back to the drawing board. We both love about half the vid...where it is, how it's clipped, ect. The rest is in need of redoing. Then is the dilema...I wanna go one way, she wants to go another. So, breaking some unwritten rule where you aren't supposed to vid a song that's already been vid (though why it's such a big deal is beyond me..everyone has their own visions), we decided to both take the vid we created together and improve it. Hence, we have two different vids that are half the same, half original for the same song and idea.

So, we are posting both to the anniversary site and moving on. I love my vid and hers and visa versa. We tried to combine them to make a single vid, but in the end, there were parts we just weren't willing to let go of and so we did our own. All told, I suspect I spent about 60 hours on mine and that's with state of the art software and a computer specially built to do this stuff. How the hell did folks do it back in the days of two vcrs. The mind boggles.

So, anyway, when you see that they are both the same song and similar ideas, now you know why. I like to think the fandom can enjoy both - if not, oh well. I'm happy with it and given the ebb and flow that can be feedback, I guess that's what I need to be content with.

Finally done....

Well, it's 2:30 am here and I have to be at work in just a few hours. Good thing I slept 11 hours last night, eh?

The anniversary site is caught up, finally. There are new stories, a music vid (with two more on the way in a day or so), new icons, audio clips, video clips, music, a new game, new art and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Either way, new stuff. There are anniversary icons to vote on, so go over and take a look - as soon as Aly lets me know how she wants to handle voting (since I forgot to ask), I'll get that up and the answers to the games. For now, though..I'm wiped.

Happy 10th Anniversary - Jim, Blair, Simon, Major Crimes and The Sentinel at large!

Happy Birthday Starwatcher - hope your day is lovely and your house is yours!

Goodnight *waves*

Mar. 17th, 2006

Shamrock Hat

Happy Happy St. Patricks Day to the Irish and the Irish lovers!

Anniversary site update

The icons are up.

There are two parts - the contest icons and the non-contest ones.

I will accept icons for the contest through midnight pst on Sunday - voting will begin at 12:01 am Monday morning. Non-contest icons will be accepted all along. I am still hoping to see more icons...and feel free to submit icons you've used here...as long as it celebrates Jim and Blair.

Tonight I'll be working on my computer...email me if you have questions/issues/problems.

*hugs flist*

A reminder

There's only two more days to guess the authors in the latest sentinelsecrets fiction challenge.

Go here to read the stories and then email your guesses to Paula.

Trying to catch up

First...Happy Birthday PattRose and Orion2303. Hope both of you had wonderful days.

I'm still recovering - spent most of the weekend offline resting and reconnecting with my darling roommate. We rented an obscene number of dvds and have simply vegged. I actually feel relaxed for the first time in weeks and weeks. Eventually, I'll get caught up here, in the meantime...hope you are all well and having a great time. If you are sick, hope you get well soon.

Wow, Amazon.com listened

After my emailing them, Amazon.com appears to have been good to their word and actually listened to a user suggestion. Nice to know someone out there does what they say they'll do. I first wrote in, filling in a lot of the details of TS that their DVD ad was missing...like, oh, the MAIN ACTORS and producers and such. Low and behold, they said they'd investigate it with Paramount and now...voila....


Sweet, huh?
Happy Birthday!!


How do I say thank you for everything - mostly for being my friend!



I hope your days were wonderful and you feel loved and appreciated.  You are both great ladies!

Anniversary site reminder

Just a reminder to send in your creative pieces for the anniversary site. We have a lot of lovely stuff, but room for much more. I know there are a lot of really creative fans out there on my flist that haven't sent in anything, so send it on. We'd love to add it to the site to celebrate 10 years of Jim and Blair (and the rest of the gang) goodness.

The site is here...the FAQ has all the information you need about how to send in your stuff.

Brick time again

yup, it's that time again...new month, new bricks.

For anyone that doesn't know about the wall or who needs a reminder to leave your bricks for the month, please go here and add to the building for Garett...


Seems there's also one for The Sentinel


I really have to remember to get cracking on this earlier next year.



Fanfic Rec: by Lit Gal

OK, there are a lot of authors in the fandom that are amazing.  I'm still in full blown smorgasbord mode feasting on the different offerings out there.  I've loved a lot of the usual authors - just read Legion's new one today and as always - amazing.  I couldn't put it down. 

I squeel over Aly's stuff, am loving her current SGA crossover and I don't like crossovers much.  I squeel over Lady Ra, stay up late to read Arianna, love Fluterbev.  Francesca leaves me in palpatations, ect, ect.  I can't even  keep count of all the authors I am not only loving but reading and rereading.  I have failed miserably in the past to actually get on here and rec their fics...and I suck at remembering to leave feedback so one of my resolutions is to try and remember to do that.  So, I figure I'll start here.

I just read Lit Gal's Recovery series.  Not only does the series rock on it's own terms, with it's post TS by BS start (hands down my favorite period in canon) but it's well written, realistic, logical and just damn fine work.  I laughed, I sighed, I dreaded scrolling to the next part, I cheered, I felt embarassed...all the emotions you want to have when reading a fic.  On top of it, she used the prompts at fanfic 100 to make her way through the series, which was just fucking clever.  I'm so going to steal that part of her idea for my own fic challenges.  So, today's rec...her entire series.  Read it, you won't be sorry.


Why I've been so quiet

I've gotten a few inquiries about why I've been so quiet - not posting story or iconage. I've been quiet, but mega busy; so no, I've not lost my enthusiasm for Sentinel, just filtering time and energy off on a couple of really big projects.

I've been working non-stop on the 10th anniversary pages. I'm building them, Jessie is doing most of the graphics and we're hosting it. We want to get it live asap, so that's where all my free time is going.

I have not forgotten my story and will post the next parts as soon as Sen10 is up and going.

Fandom TOS

I've had interesting experiences in fandom over the last 20 years or so and this list rings so true it hurts.  I always try to do this, but re-reading this reminded me how I failed in some aspects in my last fandom, though not as badly as some others.  Perhaps if we had listened to this kind of thing more, there would have been a lot less self-destruction that lead to the best of the fandom finding other homes.  It's here as a reminder to me to keep these guidelines close in this new fandom.  There is so much talent, creativity and enthusiasm here that I'd hate to see it spoiled by people who need a life, a clue or both...and that includes me.

on to the Fandom Terms of Service....Collapse )


Fiona Apple up for an award

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple and Montreal rock band Arcade Fire are among the finalists for the inaugural New Pantheon Awards, which continue the mission of the defunct Shortlist Prize in recognizing noteworthy albums that have sold fewer than 500,000 copies in the United States.

The winner will be announced February 6 during a ceremony at a Los Angeles venue to be announced.

Apple's "Extraordinary Machine" and the Arcade Fire's "Funeral" will vie for the award with Animal Collective's "Feels," Antony and the Johnsons' "I Am a Bird Now," Bloc Party's "Silent Alarm," Death Cab For Cutie's "Plans," the Decemberists' "Picaresque," Kings Of Leon's "Aha Shake Heartbreak," M.I.A.'s "Arular," and Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois."

Last fall, Antony and the Johnsons' "I Am a Bird Now" took the Mercury Music Prize, the U.K. award on which both the Shortlist and the New Pantheon are modeled.

The albums were selected by a panel including Elton John, Elijah Wood, Beck, Margaret Cho, John Legend, Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard, Keith Urban, Ric Ocasek, Shirley Manson, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, Suzanne Vega, Dave Matthews and Keith Urban.

In other news, I'm unable to log into LJ for more than 30 seconds...so my iconage sucks and I'm annoyed.

Another brick in the wall

For anyone that doesn't know about the wall or who needs a reminder to leave your bricks for the month, please go here and add to the building for Garett...



Blaired from Aly and Arianna . 

Wow, who knew?

What's your daemon?Collapse )


Richard Burgi on Extra

Thanks to Sentinalia, I managed to catch this just before it started and popped a DVD in the player.  We ripped it and it's up online if anyone is interested. 

 It's on our Sentinel site

if you click on the link, it'll play in media player.  If you right click and choose save target as, you can save it to your hard drive and watch it on media player.
Anyone who has problems with the file, feel free ask and I'll try and help.

Happy Holidays

Well, Peter/Jessie and I are off home tomorrow at too darn early o'clock. We'll be away til New Year's Eve and not likely to have a ton of time online - so...

Happy holidays to all our dear online friends. We wish you joy, happiness and health this year. Blessings!

Squeels....From TVShowsonDVD

Sentinel, The - They aren't rumors any more, season 1 is coming!
Posted by Gord Lacey


Fans of The Sentinel have had their fingers crossed in anticipation of a DVD release for a long, long time. Back in early 2003 we posted news from Paramount asking people if they wanted the show on DVD. On April 18, over 3 years from our first news item, you'll get your wish; The Sentinel Season 1 will hit store shelves.

Jim Ellison was the sole survivor of an Army plane crash, and lived off the land for two years. He returned home and joined the police department where he discovered that he had heightened abilities from the time he spent in the jungle. Now he is a sentinel in the fight for justice.

The first season will contain all 10 episodes from the first season of the UPN show on 3 discs for a suggested retail price of $39.95 (DVDPlanet is preselling the set for $27.97).

Episodes include:
The Switchman
The Debt
Night Train
Love and Guns
Vow of Silence

We'll have more information, and artwork, to share when Paramount provides it.

here's the direct link on DVDPlanet.

I’m happy to have found Sandburg, or rather, that Sandburg found me.

It’s been a weird month, to say the least. First, I lose a prime suspect because my head goes loopy, then the doctors say there’s nothing wrong with me. As if that’s not enough, I meet this long-haired college kid who says he has the answers I need. Now, I was sure I’d regret even talking to him, but in the end, you know, the kid did alright. Sure he talks non-stop and he is constantly trying to film me or take notes on my every move, but once he stopped bopping around like a hairball on speed, he really did prove he knew his stuff. He rode around with me and just taught me to focus, to think and to use my senses. Some of it felt stupid at first but it really works. I’m sure the reason we managed to stop Kincade and his men and save the hostages is because Sandburg had taught me enough to use my senses to stay one step ahead of the men trying to kill us. Banks didn’t really buy the cousin story and now he wants a full explanation from both of us, but I think even he’ll agree that the kid has the answers we need to keep me on my game.

I’m still not sure about all this Sentinel stuff, but I am sure that if I’m going to keep and use these abilities, having someone like him around will make it easier. With any luck, he’ll manage to teach me to control them on my own so that I won’t need him around forever. I hate depending on other people.
I have a lot of regrets in my life. I am not the best at saying what I feel; hell, I suck at saying what I feel. I regret that I let my father come between me and my brother. I regret that I didn’t tell my mom I loved her that night before she left. I regret that I wasn’t a better husband to Carolyn. She really did deserve better than a cold, mostly absent husband. Still, of all that, I think my biggest regret hit me today. See, we were tracking down a bomber, one who seemed to enjoy taunting me specifically. It was really strange that the switchman always seemed one step ahead of me and damned professional about it. In the end, it wasn’t a hardened criminal, just a lost, screwed up little girl who blamed me for her father’s death. He was one of my men. I tried to save him, I told her that but she was too lost in her own pain. In the end, we wrapped things up and she will get the help she needs, but I cannot stop hearing her voice. “You left me all alone” she said. And I did, or rather the ones that gunned us down did. Still, I realized that I returned and those men never did and I never once went to see or speak to any of their loved ones. What kind of commander was I? What kind of man am I? So, here I sit, safe in my loft and those men, they are dead and their families feel the loss. The thing I regret most not ever saying is I’m sorry to those people – perhaps it's not too late.

quick apology

I'm terribly slow replying to everyone who was kind enough to remember my birthday. I will get there but both mine and Jessie's computers are offline in the middle of "upgrades" that are not going smoothly. Hence, we are sharing very limited time with a laptop and the workload from hell. Will catch up soon. There are stories to write, squees to post for art and stories and icons to make.

Forum Update

Thought I'd start making forum updates for those of you on LJ that maybe don't check it regularly.

Jonathan posted on the 30th that he saw "Chronicles of Narnia" with the cast and crew and wants to chat about it after it's opened everywhere, so be sure and check back for that.

Jason posted last night, some fun bits about the "sleeveless in the snowy mountains" pic and about his inspiration as an artist.

For those of you new to my journal, the forum is one that I run for Jason Secto and Jonathan Harding. They played a number of elves in LOTR. Jason was Orophin (behind Haldir) and the dark haired elf in the prologue as well as one at the Coronation/Wedding. Jonathan was Erestor and Dinendal. Both have decipher cards.

Anyone interested can find it here: http://p201.ezboard.com/bwaterfalls



Figured I might as well give this a try....

You are Woodstock!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Wow, it's December already

So, things have begun to change again.  I figured it's time.  Life is good - I'm healthier, happier and more settled than I've been in nearly 10 years, I have a great best friend, a great family, great friends, a great job..so I guess life is great.  *grins*  It's a busy month.  Tuesday I turn 45.  You know, I don't feel 45.  I still feel inside oddly like I did when I was 25, only smarter.  Guess that's a good thing, eh? 

Read more...Collapse )


quick post

Hi all...just a quick hello to welcome you to my new journal. I'll be adding folks as I go along and editing the journal, but here I am. I'll also be posting stories now and again as I consolidate from my multiple old journals. A work in progress, no doubt.

Jonathan CDs at Ring Con

As I'm moving house and offline except for work, be sure and email me if you want a cd and I've not already heard from you.

Jon emailed me and said that he would hold back enough for my ladies if I would give him a number...I'll do that on Saturday, so I need to hear from you before then.

The cost is 10 euros, set by the Ring Con folks, which is approximately $12 American. Most are paying with paypal - contact me for other options...my email is elvenlords @ gmail.com - take out the spaces, of course.

Email me with the name you'd like it autographed with as well... :-)

This time next week I'll be flying...wheeeee
Jonathan Harding (Erestor) posted to my online forum today, sending lovely hellos to all and that he was looking forward to meeting everyone at Ring Con. He also said that he only had about 30 cd's left, so if you want one, Ring Con will be the place to get them, so this is a reminder to anyone who wants one - please contact me and let me know so that I can add your name to the list.

Moving back to the forum


Ok, we tried this, but it doesn't seem to be working and Jason, bless his heart, posted at the old forum, so I'm cleaning it up and giving it another go. I'll keep this here for those who want it, but most of the stuff will be there.

The websites will hopefully be up this weekend...Jon's CD clips will be up as well as photos of the front and back cover. After Ring Con, maybe I'll have even more goodies.

More soon...

Big Jon News....

If you are interested in Jon's music, stay tuned. I just got my hands on cuts from his new CD that he will be selling at Ring Con (which came from a copy that I purchased via a friend at FF and that I will be purchasing again as soon as I get there). I am going to put "clips" from them (that translates into little bits..not the whole songs) - onto my Jon website so that you can sample the sound. I will be glad to purchase the CD for you at Ring Con (autographed IF I can manage it) - for anyone that wants one and then get them right out to you. He has a dreamy voice, let me tell you, and it's very intimate sounding in its recording. More soon.
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