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I have shaved my flist down to the folks that I actually talk to and who respond to me, nothing personal against those that I cut.  Tthe writing friends I've moved to my writing journal.  If you want to be friended, just comment and tell me about yourself and why you want to friend me.

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Thanks and an update

Thanks to everyone for their emails, comments and phone calls.  We're doing ok...we went to Jessie's (Peter Neverland) sister's house.....not a lot of rest there but at least we're safer.  Just released map of the burn area...we're in more danger than ever.  We'll be driving up today after work to see it for the meantime, here's the fire map....I marked our general location at the bottom right hand part of the map...I hope these winds die down soon...

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Copyright claims on music vids

Hi all...yes, am still around..just starting to emerge from the mass of work, moving and visitors...

Something happened today that I just thought I'd share, in case it happens to any of you.

Just wanted to give a heads up if any of you have posted your music vids on your myspace...I had one of mine, a Sentinel one there and it was removed and I was barred from uploading until I passed a "quiz" because someone claimed a copyright.  They would not tell me if it was the song or the clips that someone was claiming - but either way, since I don't own either, I can't refute that I don't own them.  This just happened, so I might get more info, but I might not.
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For you Cal!

For my friend cyloran  - Wheeee!

I had the honor of meeting Jon Cassar at the LCA 7 event when we went to see Garett and Richard and he was a total class act.  What a nice guy and I'm so pleased for him.
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random silliness

Well, I seem incapable of anything creative except this website...I tried all weekend to no avail, so I'll be finishing it before doing any of the things on my fun, creative list.

In the meantime, my dear roommate peter_neverland has resurrected an old plot bunny community plot_bunny_inc we had years ago.  I never participated as well as she did..there are a few nice Sentinel stories there she did as well as a lot of other random stuff.  The community is any fandom, any style, challenge every 2 weeks kinda thing, so if that's your idea of fun, join up.  In the meantime, she posted her new story and as it's drawn from a real life convo between her and me at work, if you're interested...give it a glance.

Now, to finish the website and make the final ads for my Moonridge Auction items.