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Vet Bill Needs to Be Paid Sale!

This is the first time I have made a selling journal before. I decided to throw one together because I didnt want to have links to pictures. I want to display them... and I know that can be a little annoying for some people to have 30 pictures in one post. x_x Anyways! Please look around and see if there is anything you like. Be sure to read below for the instructions on how to order! ^_^

The Livejournal I usually use is Iwakuralain16. Here is my Feedback from ebay if you need some feedback.:
Iwakuralain16 (284) 100% Positive Feedback

General Information
[x] I ship to anywhere in the world at your expense, via USPS.
[x] I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items once the package has been turned over to the Post Office.
[x] I might trade if you have something I am looking for, see below for more on that. ^_^
[x] First Come, First Serve. I will wait for a reply from the first person intrested for no more than 2 days. After that, I will sell to another User
[x] Please tell me if you become unintrested in an item, so I can take it off hold for you.
[x] Items can be put on hold, but on a case by case scenario.

How to Order
Comment with the following information:
State & zipcode (and/or Country)
Method of Payment
I will contact you via e-mail asap. We will discuss in more detail about the transaction via e-mail.

Shipping & Payment
[x] Prefer Paypal, But I will accept Money order and  cash(at your own risk)
[x] I can ship media mail, priority mail, Global priority mail. Basicly anything powered by USPS.
[x] I can give you a estimate on shipping at any time, but I do discount shipping! ^-^ 

If you have any other questions please comment here or shoot me an e-mail via my
Rubberslug Cel Gallery. I use this because I do not like putting my e-mail out on the internet(I already get too much spam mail as it is. >_<

If you have any of these items above, I am willing to pay you $$$. Thank you. :D
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This is a list of items I do not have and would be interested in buying. I may even be tempted to trade some of my Fushigi Yuugi items in exchange for the items i have listed below. 

Don't forget to check out my cel wishlist as well. ^_^ If you have any Imadoki, Zettai Kareshi, or Ayashi no Ceres goods that are NOT manga books and artbooks contact me. I may be interested.


tamasan0507-livejournal @ yahoo.com


Fushigi Yuugi Perfect Collection 1: SP5, SP6, SP9
Fushigi Yuugi Perfect Collection 2: 42, SP4, SP5, SP6

Ayashi no Ceres - Box Card 2



AnC Necklace

Doesn't need to be signed...

Unused please

Promo cards?

Sho-comi clock

Yuu Watase Merchandise/Furoku (Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuug, & ETC)

This section contains merchandise from Yuu Watase Manga & Anime Series. I will be updating this as I get extra merchandise in. Everything has a set price or I will accept best offer if more than one person is interested in a particular item. Alot of these items are out of print or from Sho-comi and are more than just a few years old. Please comment or send me an e-mail at If you are interested anything. Also please read this journal's rules concerning sales. Thank you. :)

ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD - Check back in a few months

Furoku & Comic Books

This section includes Furoku from other series outside of Yuu Watase works. This also will contain any extra comic books or graphic novels that I may have for sale. :D

ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD - Check back in a few months