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a quick happy post [August 14, 2008 | 01:22 AM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so i don't think most of you would understand how much of a big deal this is to me, personally... erica probably will - but i just tried on this shirt from abercrombie that i bought last year that i could barely button up, and when i did - i looked ridiculous.... and it fits me. it looks good on me. im like ear to ear right now haha

with that being said, its time for bed



color quiz [August 12, 2008 | 03:04 PM]
i just did that stupid color quiz thingamajig...and it was actually pretty true, when it came to my actual problem

here it is:
The tensions induced by trying to cope with conditions which are really beyond his capabilities, or reserves of strength, have led to considerable anxiety and a sense of personal (but unadmitted) inadequacy. He attempts to escape into a substitute world in which things are more nearly as he desires them to be.

Greatly impressed by the unique, by originality, and by individuals of outstanding characteristics. Tries to emulate the characteristics he admires and to display originality in his own personality.

yeah thats basically how it goes most of the time haha

thats all bitches

pay no mind to my inability to stay on topic [August 02, 2008 | 10:41 AM]
[ mood | busy ]

i don't think i can express just how anxious i am for this school year to start... this summer just feels as though it will never end and i'd like it to... god knows that come winter i'll have the opposite sentiment but i feel like during these 3 months away from benny hill country club i've accomplished nothing. i passed my algebra summer course with a b+, purely out of luck... so don't remind me... haha but seriously, i feel like im starting to organize my life/home/thoughts in a new way than i have before. even little things like keeping my desktop on my computer clear of folders is a step in the right direction. some of this i think has to do with the fact that i have a goal now, framingham state-fall 09- fashion merchandising major... lets hope it works out for me; even tho it all depends on my motivation... anyway... i finally tore down all those random pictures on my wall from high school, of people i havent talked to or thought about since high school - and replaced them all with one single frame holding like 7 pictures... and its a lot cleaner looking. i went to ikea (which i think im gonna start calling little sweden) and bout a bunch of stuff to organize dvds, things to hang pictures with other than pushpins, new lighting, a side table, and candles (its an obsession)... i dont know what it is about ikea... erm little sweden... that makes me get into such a weird minimalistic attitude about everything, but i like it - and i think thats the kind of style i'll most likely try to emulate thru my fashion merchandising projects next year at framingham. speaking of inspiration, i got some coffee table books at barnes and noble last night about the history of playboy in the past 50 years, and also about the 50s in general. i don't know why but i love that whole like 50s-late 60s sort of swingers era style... its just cool and even though a lot of it is considered pornography, it still has a little class and i find that the way that women looked during that time to be very sexy, as opposed to the anorexic looking twigs of today (no offense brendan smith) **chuckle**

now for a completely different topic: a tyrade about work:

i hate people who come into the paint store, that is common knowledge. however, i hate even more the people who come in with lists of crap: gallons upon gallons upon quarts upon piles of sundries they probably have in the basement (if only they looked...if only...) i'd like every customer in all of winchester to come into fresh paint entirely listless (cue the comical snare drum and cymbal) idunno, i just can't stand these people who just watch TLC and HGTV all day, listening to that nasty cunt candice olsen... bitch doesn't know shit about a proper paint job...

with that aside, my latest pain in the ass is that i'm now basically a manager, but i've been given duties that i really don't think are entirely right, theyre not really assigned by my boss- moreso by default because he's never fucking here anymore. i shouldn't have to take the blame or fall for his laziness and the dopiness of a couple new kids here... it's just not my issue to deal with. if i get blamed for one more screwed up gallon of paint... i'll .... i'll.... i'll probably just bitch about it to a few people for another day .... and thats about it on that....

[April 27, 2007 | 01:37 AM]

[September 26, 2006 | 08:36 AM]
i have 2 major assignments due tomorrow, neither of which i've started. shame on me... ill probably do one of em today in art hist

[November 21, 2005 | 07:40 PM]
i dont think life could get much better right now. i havent been this happy since....well i dont know when....


hello. [October 02, 2005 | 11:23 PM]

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