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Superboy (Kon El-Summers)'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Superboy (Kon El-Summers)

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[For all your Superboy needs] [21 Oct 2008|08:01pm]

((General threading post -- you know the drill!))

(thanks for asking!)

[22 Aug 2008|10:43pm]
Cut and pasted to all my character journals! --22cnd August 2007 (Wednesday).

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Player status.Collapse )
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Permissions -- Injuries/Psychics/Touching/Mafia-ingCollapse )

Anything else anyone'd like me to add to this? It's for your benefit after all.

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[08 Aug 2008|10:40am]
Small hiatus! Going to stay with my friend Kym in Kochi, leaving in about half an hour two hours, back next week, probably Monday. Sorry about the short notice, but I hadn't entirely made up my mind to do this until last night. /o/

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[26 Jul 2008|12:27pm]
So Buffy and I were talking. As we do!

Me: One of the callers on my BBC show said that she and her friends used to go into bridal shops and try on dresses
they'd take turns being the 'bride'

Chash: ...that is kind of my idea of hell

me: They weren't even dating anyone.

Chash: Weddings terrify me. My plan is that my marriage to you will be the only one I have to extensively plan or interact with.

me: That sounds good to me!
Besides I don't think any wedding could top that wedding.

Chash: Exactly!
My parents will be upset they missed it, but I guess if they really beg I could always link them

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notes on kon [14 Jul 2008|01:27pm]
Finally updated 5/February/2007!

This is pre-Teen Titans era Superboy, taken at a currently undefined point after the end of Superboy but before the end of Young Justice. He should have moved to Smallville, but because I goofed, he says he's based in Metropolis. I figure I will find someway to fix that. In the meantime, Kon has aged to about 17, has formed strong relationships in camp and developed heat vision and occasional hearing sensitivity. He's been the host to the parasitic tentacle monster Kal, imma_eat_yr_bra, and got married to Buffy Summers, classprotector. He lives in Boy's 17, is always available for heroics and has learned through camp about the Luthor connection and the programming, although keeps very secret about this, and has only told a few people. He doesn't know about his death in canon and I'd like to keep it that way, cheers.

E-mail is the best way to get in touch, or feel free to leave a comment here!

eta: 22 April 2007. Kon was jointly apped by mikkeneko and girl_starfish. Even though Mikke has moved on to more interesting things, she's done so much for Kon that it wouldn't be right not to acknowledge it. Kon wouldn't be in camp if it wasn't for her, and neither would I.

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[14 Jun 2008|02:48pm]
Week starting Monday the 9th:

Kon: ||De-Hiatus! Threads with Rosalyn, Buffy, Jak, Impulse and Giles.|| Cordelia! Cal.|Rikuou, this a bad moment? Fruity closets with Bart.|Junpei. Hanging with Hellboy.|Junpei's had bad news.|Kon finally manages to catch up with Kinon.|Kon gets nutritional advice from a talking Jackal-Canaan.

Robin: (sneaking in before de-hiatus because BEAST BOY!)||De-Hiatus! Threads with Soren, Ronan, Ash, Katara, Asano, Suzuna, KOS-MOS, Zidane, Mai, Kieran, Jak, Nobby.|| Has Robin seen anything strange lately? Catching up with Momoko.|Catching up with Ginji. Nice sign, Kharg.|Beast Boy Intro Post! Threads with BB, Etna, Chi, Chidori, Kilik, the other Joshua, KOS-MOS, Zidane, Cornelia, Rosalyn, Jasdero, Belle, Kharg, Claire, Taiga, Ronan, Impulse, Jack, Crow, Mai, Tim.|Ban has hidden talents! Also Ginji and Nodame.| Robin greets Elphaba. Bonus Shirley!|Catching up with Mitsuru. Juri!|Byakuya.|

Will: De-Hiatus! Threads with Soren, Ash, Lina and Giles.||Will talks going home with Soubi. Ritsuka.|Greets Allen somewhere in this anon confession post.|Happy Anniversary Makoto.|Catching up with Imoen, and getting acquainted with Soren.|

Jack: ||De-Hiatus! Threads with Soren and Zidane.

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[IC] [Backdated to a day or two after Clark and the Gargamels left] [18 May 2008|11:00am]
[So we have the Mess Hall, and we have a ton of tubs of ice-cream, everything from chocolate-mint to caramel ripple to berry sorbet to oreo chunk. This isn't just ice-cream though. This is healing ice-cream.]

The maple-walnut's not bad, but it's no triple chocolate fudge. Hey, is that one cappuccino flavoured?

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Happy Birthday Buffy! [26 Apr 2008|10:12pm]
on time for once! Le shock!Collapse )

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[21 Apr 2008|08:36am]
Linkity links.Collapse )

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Comment Count! [11 Apr 2008|08:04am]
I'm happy with this.Collapse )

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Threads April 1st - 6th. [06 Apr 2008|11:19am]
From Clark getting new clothes to Robin getting new cabinmates.Collapse )

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Threads March 24th - 31st. [06 Apr 2008|10:58am]
Dyngus Day, through Violet's return, through Peony's BBQ.Collapse )

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Threads March 15th - 23rd. [06 Apr 2008|10:22am]
Robin has a not!birthday and hangs out with the Get-Backers.Collapse )

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Threads March 8th - 14th. [06 Apr 2008|09:20am]
Ash and Kieran are dogs, so is Hikaru.Collapse )

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Threads March 01-07. [06 Apr 2008|08:56am]
From Cabin Boy Robin to Jack and pokemon (also includes Nodame-Robin bodyswitch):Collapse )

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threads Feb 17th - Feb 29th. [06 Apr 2008|08:15am]
From Jack scaring small kids to Clark coming out:Collapse )

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Threads Jan 30th to Feb 17th. [18 Feb 2008|12:06pm]
Threads!Collapse )

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[18 Feb 2008|08:04am]
Power outage in an hour (9 am) until 4 pm, and because our modem is plugged into the wall, no power or net for that time. I'm going to try and blag a lift into town, but I probably won't be around today.

Eta: Either that was the world's shortest maintenance or power will be going on and off all day today.

(thanks for asking!)

threads Jan 13th - Jan 30th (so far). [30 Jan 2008|05:37pm]
Kon: |Special occasion Paul.|Goodbye Momoko!|Brock intro-posts!|WB Dante.|Kon needs to stop helping.|Life ends at 40. Age.|Joe.|Lesbians! Dessert.|Rethinking the 'beetle.' Zelos.||Buffy's Birthday.||Jenny!|Zombies?

Minagawa: |Mr Cat.|Flea-powder.

Clark: Happy Birthday Buffy. Stubborn cousins and skeletons with Astheroshe. Peony.

Robin: |Barrier with Soujirou. Buffy.|Puppets.|Harper is emo.|Icons!|Golf. Peony.|Bulma. Harley and Ivy.|Robin meets Exa.|Kyou.|Kisling. Etna. X.|

Will: Catching up with the YW cast.|Tsubasa Yukito and Toya!|Tag with Soujirou.|Rape-dollars?|Meets Eugenie. Syaoran.|Mac doesn't like candy? Cerberus. Like taking candy from a Satella. Ryohei. Ayaka.|Caeru.|Will meets Usagi.|Jack meets Usagi!|A very serious poll. Telling Ritsuka. Pamphlets with Ronan.||Age is a matter of mind over matter.||Making tea with Mac, Renge and Shawn. Lina.|Ryotou learns about girls. Imoen.

Jack: Meets Kisling. Meets Raine.|Onsen + snowflake + Rikugou = profit?|Believes that The Spirit is a monster.|Offering Junpei a place to stay! (Declined)|Mounties are not for carving + Haru.|Meets Scrooge.

(thanks for asking!)

[13 Jan 2008|10:56pm]
Wow, thanks for playing livejournal.

Kon:Fashion magazines with Cher.|Christmas Cards with Booster. Also Beetle, Jaime, Tim.|Early Christmas Presents with Yzak and Bart.|Christmas presents (for all of mine). There are other threads in this post but I lack the energy to find them all. D:||Not Kon's Day.||Robot-babes with Bender. Mulder! (bonus Ari, Megan and Chase)|Laserdragon.|Doctor Thor?|Kal plays with Ace and Herbert.|Stan is really going this time.|Flesh-eating horse with Pell!|Meeting Ine.|Could it be birthday present time? Chatting with Jaina.|Touda is the Master of Cool apparently. Bonus Cher! Marshmallows and Buffy.|Kon makes a terrible auctioneer.

Minagawa: |Tuesday Soup.|Sukekiyo meets Ace.||Hair in the Mess Hall?|Introducing Kanmuri to the wonders of the camp kitchen.|Tea ceremonies usually require tea. Kohaku.|Touda makes a mean campfire.|Cow in the Mess Hall?|

Clark: |Reviewing 2007 with Joshua.|Christmas presents with Jak.|Alastor does not make a great impression.||Someone's lost a bone.||Auctioned! Comisserating with Jak.

Robin: Attempts to get out of being Jesus.|Meets Anissina.|Beast Boy. (Christmas Letter Post.) |Robin copes. (Robin and Will are elsewhere in this post but. So many threads ^^;) |Ohtori Christmas Party. Nodame. Tim. Juri.|Resolutions with Juri.||Happy New Year.||Catching up with Hiroshi. Meeting Tohma. Nodame and Chiaki.||Barrier Research Group Take One.||Robin does not need advice on falling out of trees.|Auctioned!

Will:|Birthday.|Carolling.|Mathematics with Raine.Schierke. Ion. |Small boys and farting noises.|Will meets Ryohei and learns about the extreme squirrels. Bloo. Mac. |Meeting Mikoto (the other one).

Jack: Jack meets poll.|Crashes the Canadian Christmas Party.||Crypt cabin is go.||Jack meets Mia and compares notes with Peony.

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