i knew i shoulda warned you..

..that my love is contagious :]

_notorious <--
22 July
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hey,whats the damn deal? youve reached my newest journal ! it's hard to believe i know but this journal is even cooler, dont believe me? just check out all those ppl on my friends list that read my journal and follow all those rules JUST to be my friend !! i sifted through only the coOlest lj people =] still want more? check out those interests below, its jus a taste of my coolness ;]dont deny it you kno you wana be added but theyre are sum responsibilities .

will you comment me on a regular basis ?
will you NOT be a dramatic computer nerd ?
is your journal interesting enuff ?
will you leave actual comments and not just ones that say 'just showin love'?

okay im sick of giving rules. just use your head shorty <3