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I drive a Rolls Royce 'cause it's good for my voice!

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Day and night
Light and darkness
Sun and Moon

As you can see, this blog is not very active anymore. That's because almost all of my friends here have moved to another journal and so have I. I don't think I'll be able to abandon LiveJournal completely, because it has more active communities, but I probably won't post entries here anymore.

I was born and raised in a small municipality in the west coast area of Finland. I've lived in several places. I lived almost seven years in a city of Oulu, but then I found work in a library of a small municipality in Lapland. I love music and know pretty much about it (I also write pretty much about it). My taste of music is really versatile. I think that good music is good music, no matter what type of music it is or when it was composed.

Before studying to become a librarian I studied to become a product designer, but it turned out to be hopeless to find a job as a designer. I still love design products, fashion, architecture etc. - anything that has something to do with art. I also love to laugh and make people laugh.

I don't really have a Rolls Royce, only a bike. Damn it.

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