subtle (_subtle_) wrote,

and i'm sorry to say, but we've been deceived, my friends, again and again
и т.д. и т.п.

Ляг и прими это
Партия права!
"Пожалуйста, просто выпустите меня, я не собираюсь сражаться.
Я перевоспитан, и я вижу свет.
Поверьте, вы изменили меня. Я - ваш смирный раб." 8)

The sun still shines
I see from the shadows in my armored cell
Those who make decisions must not know this hell
An instrument of purpose is outside myself

These are thoughtcrimes
Don't disagree with he who holds the weapons to your face
and shouts about your freedom
they own you.
Green paper chains control you

Lie down and take it.

The party's right.
Please just let me out I do not care to fight.
I'm rehabilitated and I see the light
Believe me, you've changed me. Enslave me.

Pleasure is our enemy
I love this fucking slavery
Tags: audio, criticism, quotes

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