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Emptyself - Nothing Follows, Nothing Stays (2011)

Порция пронзительной осенней грусти и хандры от Эрика. Альбом новый. Хотя и из песен, записанных в 2007-2009 годах (три релизились раньше, остальные восемь ранее не выходили).

emptyself - Nothing Follows, Nothing Stays (2011)

1. Get Away or Disintegrate 05:55
2. Just Go On 03:46
3. Artificial Light 04:51
4. Catacomb 04:37
5. Evacuate 04:20
6. Scattered Parts 04:21
7. No Divide 07:00
8. Slow Devour 04:25
9. Nothing Follows, Nothing Stays 05:56
10. No Light 04:28
11. Too Small 05:59

Release Date: 11.11.11
Source: WebRip
Quality: 128 / 229 kbps
Size: 68,5 MB
Tags: acoustic, downtempo, electronic, post industrial, psychedelic, New Orleans


Today I am putting out some music that I finished almost 3 years ago in New Zealand. It captures a period of time for me that is hard to describe. I probably don’t need to tell you that I have mixed feelings about music that has gone unreleased for so long.

In the years I spent in New Zealand following Hurricane Katrina (which flooded and relieved me of all possessions), I recorded a lot of music and spent a lot of time alone with the world. Sometimes the creative process can force realizations that are more important to attend to than releasing music. So I took a break from trying to do that for a while.

And while I may be on a different wavelength now, there are times when this music still resonates. It’s time for me to put this out, in hopes that it will be of value to someone else, and move on to a new phase of my life.

Thanks so much to those of you who have maintained interest in this project through so many years of silence. Your support has helped me through a lot, and means more than I can say.

I’ve been working on a lot of new music lately that I’m very excited about, and I’ll be doing a lot more with this site, so please keep in touch.

Tags: audio, on music
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