subtle (_subtle_) wrote,

Дядя Генри не танцует!

Привет френдам-меломанам и в особенности панк-рок энтузиастам! Вот вам спешал, как выражается bobby_quine - "духоподъемные песни на каждый день". Милый фельетон от лондонских инди-поп Allo Darlin' - "Henry Rollins Don't Dance" (2009). Остальным тоже советую нажать на плей, дабы улыбнуться. А если верить The Guardian, так и вообще "This is the best indie pop song for years". Ну, по крайней мере, весело, позитивно, и слушать на рипите действительно хочется.

when my baby kisses me
it's like honey to a bee
and when my baby holds my hand
it's like heaven on land
but baby don't dance
baby is a punk rocker

but in my head you're Patrick Swayze
you grab me from the corner and call me baby
but baby you don't even wanna see dirty dancing
baby is a punk rocker

I like to learn about the things that really matter to my baby
Black Flag and Fugazi
Bad Religion and Misfits are great
but can we go where only eagles dare
Henry Rollins don't dance
Ian MacKaye doesn't dance

but in my head we're Danny and Sandy
you spin me round your waist and I get the perfect landing
but baby you don't even like the grease mega mix
baby is a punk rocker

last night I dreamt that we took Henry to a disco
and at first he was very very angry
then he went up to the dj
and said play some ABBA dude
and then the raised his tiny fist to "Dancing Queen"
he raised his tiny fist to "Dancing Queen"
Tags: grinning wide, on music, video
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