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Scared the living crap out of my snake when i got out of bed this morning. He jerked and tumbled headfirst into his water dish, and as hard as it may be to bring up a mental image of a snake tumbling from pretty much ground level, please try because it's hilarious.

Now he's on his log, looking at me with his i'm-plotting-your-death eyes, which will change into his good-god-digestion-is-hard eyes after i feed him later today.

Also, the bags of frozen mice at Petco are labeled "Gourmet Rodent". I'm not sure if Nico is a gourmet kind of snake... can you show me where the fast-food rodents are?

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So i've finally switched to decaf, and lemme tell ya, it's doing wonders for my anxiety levels. Well, okay, not wonders, persay, but something. which is nice enough. :)