eerily lifelike (_subterranean_) wrote,
eerily lifelike

My friend Simone is coming up from Monterey to stay in my living room until she finds a place here in the city. And considering i have a one bedroom apartment, and the living room is a wall and door away from my bedroom, i suppose it's time to learn the art of silent sex. Which i think is a pretty good skill to have under my belt.

But i am very excited to have her, and that she's moving to the city. I think she'll fit nicely into my friend circle. And she has a boyfriend, so i wont have to worry about any (rather all) of my ridiculously horny male friends (who actually make up most of my friend circle) sleeping with her. Oh they'll try, make no mistake about that, but they will be laughed at and will not succeed. So happily i will not have to worry about yet ANOTHER shitstorm rising from so-and-so fucking so-and-so and now so-and-so and so-and-so and can't be in the same room so we all have to make sure we don't invite the wrong person to this party or that party while also making sure so-and-so doesn't find out that we invited so-and-so and not them and gets all pissy at the rest of us. This has happened far too many times in the past year. God, the SF native scene is SO incestual. You can't fuck anyone without essentially fucking two or three of your other friends. Not fun times.
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