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don't listen to me... [entries|friends|calendar]
it's not me that you love

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"it's me and you and no one else is invited" [Tuesday
8:19pm July 29th]
[ mood | lazy ]

erghhh..here i am again. ugh. i'm so absolutely stressed out. i'm moving in less than two weeks and have yet to pack anything. shit..i don't even have boxes. i'm still stressed about bills and all the debt i have from moving into this place. and anger. still anger. lots of it. directed towards her. ugh. i don't know how to just write shit off and move on.

i guess i'm somewhat coming back to lj, but not on the regular. if you want me to add you back to this piece of shit journal, just let me know. i don't know how many more public entries i'll have..sooooo. say something.

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10:20pm July 13th]
awww shit, son.
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"it's closing time..." [Monday
9:22am April 21st]
this journal is basically dead and still causing me grief so it's time to put an end to it. i'll be deleting it soon. if you care to keep up with me, add my photo journal [objectified]. if i decide to make an lj comeback then i'm sure i'll announce it there, if not..it's been fun.

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