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One Snowy Raven

These are her stories

Su Li
2 April
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Name (of character): Su Li

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 7th

D.O.B: April 2nd, 1980 (17)

Appearance: Average height, long brown hair, black eyes, slender and pretty. Thinks she has her mother's big head, which didn't skip a generation. >:(

Personality: Despite being a Ravenclaw she's not brilliant (Ravenclaw's arent all brilliant anyway). She does well enough in her classes because she has a good memory, likes to read and can apply what she studies. She's tired a lot because she's deathly-afraid of failing and thus spends a lot of time reading. She also tries out for extra-curricular activities se of family pressure to do exceedingly well, and would have tried out for the Quidditch team if she wasn't so out of shape. Doesn't like getting near a volatile situation if she can help it, and is tentative to give any input out of fear she'll make some kind of mistake. Opinionated, but not very brave.

History: Her grandmother is a famous singer in the country of her mother (To which she's only been a few times since she was little), and while Mei and her mother Zan are a little cold to each other, Su get's a lot of attention from them both. Mei thinks she's got the talent to become a star and Zan thinks she's got the talent to become a scholar, and Su just want's them to give her space to breathe! Being Sorted into Ravenclaw just made the situation worse, but she tries her best to live up to expectations. She has no idea what she wants to do once she graduates, but she's almost positive singing or teaching isn't in the picture.

Her father, a wizard, works in Beijing as a beaurocrat and though is a part of the family, finds it hard to be there for Su often.

PB: Kwon Boa