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13th-Jun-2009 05:51 am(no subject)

it makes me want to throw up.
5th-Apr-2009 01:55 am(no subject)
i need a good challenging book to read. something that is intellectual but still fun to read.
12th-Mar-2009 02:11 pm(no subject)
So life has been getting better, slowly.
I am actually really sick right now with some throat sinus bullshit. I am starting to forget about what my roommates were saying about me, and just pretending like everything is okay. Some people at work have left, and gone back to their home countries. It's kind of sad.  I miss them, but at the same time I didnt really get to know them. I feel they are just being like how they are now because they feel that HAVE to just because I am friends with them. I knew them for a month....we werent that close. But whatever. They are from argentina so i might go there sometime...ya know...haha

This sickness is killing me, i thought i was getting better for a few days and I woke up with a really bad sore throat. It seems like whenever I have to close, and cannot get an early release  is when this bullshit flares up.

I have been meeting some of the best people here. I really lucked out with where I work, I don't think any place else is really as cool and chill as the people I work with. I really hope these friendships last at least for a while because I have so much fun with these people I dont want to miss out on them in my adult life.

Cutting this short again because I have to get ready for work.
12th-Feb-2009 09:06 am(no subject)
I am so tired right now and really FUCKING irritated.

i have to work 10 hours today. I go in at 11, and leave at 940. I probably wont be home until 10. Wonderful.
29th-Jan-2009 11:40 pm - I WORK AT DISNEY WORLD!
I have officially become a cast member at Disney World. It is quite the expiernece so far and I haven't even really started yet. I start training on Saturday at Casey's Corner. It is on Main Street in Magic Kingdom and I have the option of working at 3 different locations as time goes on. So far, I really enjoy everything. The weather has been fantastic and everyone seems really nice. I haven't made too many friends yet, but it's only been a few days. I went to Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios the past two days. It is such a trip going into the parks for free and actually experiencing everything I want to.

I have to get up early tomorrow though so I am going to go to bed, I will try and update as much as possible :) I have a good feeling about this.
18th-Jan-2009 04:50 am(no subject)
i am going to scream!
oh my god
i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7th-Jan-2009 06:32 am(no subject)
i forgot to fill  my bc perscription last month so i decided eh...itll be okay.
its not fucking okay
i hate cramps
i am going to throw up anytime now.

ruined my favorite pants.
it was to the point where when i went to the bathroom, it was dripping blood into the toilet. i got some on the carpet bc i couldnt stop the bleeding enough until i got another tampon.

i hate being a girl.
this is not what god intended us to do.

this isnt natural.
i want to go back to bed.
28th-Dec-2008 06:05 pm(no subject)
For christmas i got:

My extended family:
A really ugly purse that I have since gotten rid of.
Charm bracelet
candy dish
sparkly watch
3-in-1 waffle maker/contact grill/sandwich press
calendar making kit
more socks
money :)

Cobalt blue Nintendo DS and Brainage (chad says hes gonna buy me the cooking one for the ds...bringing my total games to..THREE!)
dry erase board
supplies for the bathroom in disney
another purse from my mom
trivial pursuit travel edition
full length bathrobe

Chad's parents:
annnnd more socks.
orange sanding sugar for cookies
another full length bathrobe
cookie cutters
orange zip-up sweater
some face cleanser stuff from his sister-in-law.
4th-Nov-2008 11:17 pm(no subject)
I am going to cry.

Actually, I already did.

I am so happy to witness this event in our history. I am also deathly afraid of what is going to happen next.
22nd-Oct-2008 04:22 pm(no subject)
I realize that the school cafe is made out of horse crap.

Each semester I have to get a new punch card since mine is so tattered from non-use throughout the previous semester. By the time the semester ends, i could have had a free coffee.

Their chai tea lattes are more like fancy foamy water.

They NEVER have bagels. EVER. Especially when I want them. And, they have an "october special" going where they "steam apple cider" (make it hot?). They also add flavored syrups and garnish it with an apple slice.

I never recieved the apple slice the one out of 5 times they had apple cider so far this month. And yeah, they hardly have apple cider. Its not like im gonig so close to closing, that i would understand. It varies between 3-6pm and they rarely have what I want. They dont close until 8.

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