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things have been ok for me, except that i'm a zombie now

Despite a couple of toxic invasions this year, WisCon was a beautiful event as ever, with a ridiculously high concentration of the people I love and admire most in the world gathering to discuss all kinds of thought-provoking stuff.  I spent my days exhilarated by company and conversations, well into the wee hours.  Was glad to meet lots of friendly new folks (and Strange Horizons authors!); too briefly, but I look forward to seeing them again.  Every year I feel like I haven't taken full advantage of the programming and missed out on all kinds of interesting panels, but it can be inspiring and life-changing just to spend time among so many good, kind, brilliant, funny people, and know that such a community can exist. More of that, please. 

Dave Schwartz does a fine job of documenting the flu what kilt the con, while Ben Rosenbaum praises WisCon's rapid zombie-inclusive response.  The whole experience was weirdly science-fictional.  There were a lot of mysterious absences.  When Greg Frost walked up to us in the middle of the Small Beer Press party, his gloved hands of blue floating in the dark, and intoned, "We just lost two more" -- that was the moment when an ominous soundtrack started playing in my head and I realized what kind of movie we were in. There was this vast looming threat, and yet the only evidence you saw was a suspiciously high attrition rate. People just kept... disappearing, and you knew something terrible was happening to them, but you didn't want to know the gruesome details.  You carried on and pretended the danger wasn't real, secretly aware that sooner or later it would probably strike you down too.

People would be standing right there...

two! I *bleep* two party people!

... then suddenly without explanation they were just GONE

one! one party person!

...leaving behind only brave, doomed smiles and hollow warning signs.

Anyway. Bundles and bundles of good clean fun, even though y'all turned my town into a plague pit.  I hope everyone's feeling better by now.  As usual, I'm left exhausted and a bit bereft (it's so quiet here now!), but also heartened to go forth and read and write and argue and organize and contribute all I can to this great thing we've got going. 

And to compulsively wash my hands a whole lot.

I forgot to give mixtapes to everyone who asked, so I've put half of my summer mix up here for all to share and enjoy. I hope it will help get you through the post-con blues, or the post-viral blues, or just the end of May, with a little extra jolt of happy.  I already miss everyone like mad.
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after WisCon

Last week my town was invaded by hordes of people who love to read and write and talk and play, and for a few days, life got cranked up to a higher level of Wonderful.  I spent time with old friends, got to know new friends better.  There were stories and speeches and discussions and arguments and karaoke.  I ate and drank and danced and laughed and topped off my tank chock full o' happiness and hope, and loved seeing you all.  The buzz of it all is still reverberating inside me today, while the world outside seems weirdly quiet.  Come back soon, everyone.  Madison welcomes you.

In related news, I would like to sleep through the rest of the week, please.
in motion


Do you get nervous when you're about to go to a con? I do, a little. Not so much for WisCon, because I help run it so I have too much else on my mind to really think about getting nervous. And I live here, so there isn't the uncertainty of being in a strange place. But I know those of you who are about to travel are probably feeling a touch of old high school anxieties creeping up on you. Who will you sit with at lunch? What if you wander around and can't find your friends and nobody wants to talk to you? What if everyone thinks you're weird?  I know, I been there.

So here's a universal truth to help you through the scary moments:

Unsightly, peculiar or deformed, but you have the ballerina fluid
We're all juicy inside
Everybody juicy inside

See you soon!

(thanks, _yungfuktoi_ )