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Hand-crafted and up at Strange Horizons today:

"Bespoke" by Genevieve Valentine

The floors were real dateverified oak, the velvet curtains shipped from Paris in a Chinese junk during the six weeks in '58 when one of the Vagabonder boys slept with a Wright brother and planes hadn't been invented.


Ms. Valentine is quite the multi-faceted writer.  I've mentioned her Questionable Taste Theatre here before, and if you haven't checked it out yet, I strongly encourage you to do so now.

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Genevieve Valentine watches terrible movies so you don't have to.  Also awesome movies, and sometimes the awesomely atrocious.  But all receive the same enthusiastic, lovingly detailed treatment when she reviews them. Her questionable tastes tend to overlap quite a bit with some of my own favorites -- The Warriors!  The Linguini Incident!  The Thirteenth Warrior!  Revengers Tragedy!  The Reckoning! -- but she's funnier about it, so I urge you toward the archives of "Questionable Taste Theatre". Sample, from her review of Dark City:

I could make this entry two words long: HELL YES.

Instead, I will make it one million words long. (Don't worry, your comments can still say "Hell no!" and it will look all clever.)

Dark City is a film by Alex Proyas, who gave us perennial Gothbomb movie The Crow and then said, "You know what I want to do next? I want to fill a foggy basement with bald guys worshipping a clock shaped like a human head."

Way to live the dream, Alex!

Nutshell: In an awesome, slimy city, a fugitive with no memories begins to realize the world is being manipulated by a basement full of bald guys who worship a clock shaped like a human head.


Questionable Taste Theatre will make you either want to go watch these movies, or come away feeling like you know as much as you need to know about them, or vow never ever to see them ever and thank god you were warned in time. The latter two apply in the case of Il Fantasma Dell'opera, which Genevieve has thoughtfully condensed and annotated for us into her series of Abridged Classics:

More excellent Abridged Classics: Becoming Jane (Who doesn't love a feminist author? Uh, these guys. Jane Austen becomes the world's first clingy bipolar girlfriend in this 'biopic'.) and Equilibrium (link to full QTT review includes not-to-be-missed Abridged Classic!)