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ben parzybok made me buy a cookbook

Here's how:

I hope you’re well and that you’re busy depression-proofing yourself too.

If not? Buy a bottle of red wine, turn on the music loud and cook the New Brunswick Stew from this book.

Make sure to drink at least 5/8th of the bottle of wine while cooking.

That’s the best cure for the blues I know.

I mean depression-proofing in the emotional sense - but we do a lot of wealth building/depression-proofing here in the financial sense by making massive batches of soups and freezing them. Having stores of your own canned goods and frozen soups is one of the wealthiest feelings I think you can have. All that nourishment is stored away at your own home - not subject to bank runs or abstract financial instruments. It’s harvest time! Put away some of that summer for deep in the winter.

Doesn't that sound good?  It sounded so appealing to me that within hours of reading his blog post, I found myself in a bookstore picking up one of them Moosewood cookbooks, under the dazed misconception that I am the sort of person who will cook, and what's more, who will throw together a hearty stew with the type of jaunty, Bacchanalian flair Ben describes. I have never found even the word "stew" appealing until now, but thanks to Mr. Parzybok, suddenly stew has become the magic potion that will not only sustain my kith and kin through the cold mean months, but very possibly set my entire life firmly on the path of truth and beauty, and fix... well, probably everything?

Ben Parzybok also wrote Couch, an amazing debut novel about three roommates who get evicted and take their couch with them on a journey that becomes a epic quest that becomes one of the most truly weird and original books I've read in ages. I can't guarantee it will depression-proof you as surely as a magical stew, but it's a good bet to cure what ails you. Put out by -- who else? Small Beer Press, purveyors of fine nourishing literature.

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vermonty python

I don't know what arcane rituals Ben & Jerry's perform to decide which flavors get to be keepers and which will be just seasonal experiments, but fire up your incense and sacrifice your virgins, people, because we've got to do whatever it takes to keep this one around.  It's coffee liqueur ice cream with a chocolate cookie crumb swirl and bits of fudge.  Come for the geeky name, stay for the HOLY FUCK THIS IS TASTY.

It's entirely possible that by next week I'll have moved on to something that does not have "fudge cows" (oh for fuck's sake) in it.  The fudge cows are just embarassing.  But coffee liqueur ice cream with oreo swirl is divine.

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"I've realised my dream that noodles can go into space"

My respect and gratitude go out to Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen. He died today, but his invention remains in my heart forever (probably literally). As what the NYT article kindly refers to as a "kitchen-resistant" person, I've used ramen noodles as a staple of my diet for my entire adult life. Though I always throw away the enclosed MSG packets and use my own spices, and sometimes stir-fry in all kinds of vegetables, and thus consider it legitimate cooking.

In July 2005, the company vacuum-packed portions of instant noodles so that a Japanese astronaut, Soichi Noguchi, could have them on the space shuttle Discovery. Mr. Ando said at the time, “I’ve realized my dream that noodles can go into space.”