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bring on the techno-future

Ours is not a household of many rules, but I try to maintain certain standards: thus, as some of you know, for a few years I've placed a moratorium on any mention of the Singularity within these walls. Why? Because long ago I formed an impression of how discussions about the Singularity tended to run, which was pretty much along these lines.

Well, but my friends are smart people and I ought to give you guys the benefit of the doubt. So I hereby announce, with some trepidation, that I am lifting the ban and deregulating Singularity discussion in our house. If you absolutely must talk about it, you may do so henceforth without fear of incurring my wrath and/or being escorted off the premises.

You can thank/blame Ben Rosenbaum for changing my mind. Ben is, let's be honest, the main reason I had to make the rule in the first place, because given the slightest provocation, he will go on about the goddamn Singularity. (In fact he and Cory Doctorow just co-wrote a novella set in a post-Singularity world, currently available here as a podcast.) However, what with Ben being brilliant and all, he's starting to convince me there are things worth saying on the subject. So okay. Bring on the techno-future.

We've even broached the subject in email, after I mentioned the above-linked webcomic to him, and it has not destroyed my will to live!  A sign of progress:

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hugo, girl!

Or actually, boy. Well, really boys. Because Benjamin Rosenbaum's story "The House Beyond Your Sky", published in Strange Horizons, is up for a Hugo award!  Hooray for Ben! This is the first time a Strange Horizons story has been a finalist on the Hugo ballot; it's an honor, and we're all very happy about it.

But I must cheer for boys-plural not only because 48 out of 55 finalists are male (hello) but because my darlin' Tim Pratt is also on the short story ballot.  First time he's up for a Hugo, I think?  Though not, I suspect, the last.  Anyway: you go, boys!  I'm so proud of you both.