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People make gorgeous street art out of clear tape.  Click to see a collection of photos.  My favorite is the little guy pulling down a sign.

(via Cat Rambo, a.k.a. spezzatura.  You should go read her story at Strange Horizons this week, "Foam on the Water", which explores darker power dynamics at work between a mermaid and a man who is not a prince.)

Also found at the same site: many beautiful shots of flying stingrays.

in motion


I like to stop in every now and then to look at the pictures on 3191.  It's a site by a couple of friends who live that many miles apart, and who each post one photo every morning.  The photos tend to be quiet, not flashy, just bits of their daily lives.  It's cute when the content synchs up, but regardless, the pictures look good side by side.  You get a sense of two people living separately but in touch.  This here is one of my recent favorites.

The world is huge and scary and fucked-up and it's easy to despair over all the ways people are cut off from one another, from common sense, from the world around them.  Something of an antidote, to witness these little moments of simple connection.