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grass roofs

I am a city girl but sometimes I delude myself that I would love to live out in the middle of nowhere, say in a log cabin with a turfed roof, for example.

I would be one with nature!

Or it could be someplace all mod and eco-futuristic...

...Nah, I prefer to go the fantasy route instead.

It would be wonderful to live here, I think.

Then I think "spiders" and recall that I am in fact two with nature.

Still, I've been stuck in town for too long.  I miss the sight of open fields and forests and mountains.  I think my attraction to fantasy homes is actually an impulse to be somewhere else for a while.  Madison makes a great home base, but I'm feeling the urge to do some traveling again, explore new places.

What about you guys?  Where do you want to go?
Tags: dream homes, where i live
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