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Pär thought National Treasure was pretty decent entertainment.  I thought it was an abysmal piece of crap, so dumb and aggressively mediocre that it actually made me angry.  Therefore, when the sequel came out last year, we did not go see it.  But Pär is in Sweden now, staying at his parents' house, and they rented National Treasure 2

Jeremiah's been staying up really late over there because the sun only sets for about three hours in the summer nights, so they invited him to watch the movie with them.  When Pär told me about this on the phone, I started to splutter, and Pär said, "Yeah, I should have known; he's your son."  Here's how it went:

To give J an idea of what the movie was like, Pär showed him the trailer on YouTube.

Jeremiah solemnly watched the whole thing.  The minute it was over, he burst into tears. 

"That," he wailed, outraged, "was the LEAST INTERESTING TRAILER I HAVE EVER SEEN!

Then he collapsed into sobbing and had to be carried off and put to bed.

I'm so proud of my kid!
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