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All I have to say about the second season of Heroes is that I am so glad it's over, so I do not have to watch this ridiculous show in order to get my Adrian Pasdar fix. 

Instead, I am happily going through DVDs of Profit.  If you're not familiar with Profit: it was a short-lived tv series from back in 1996 starring Pasdar, co-created by David Greenwalt of Angel fame.  Pasdar is at his intense best here, playing a charming psychopath in the business world.  The show is smart, dynamic, disturbing, and tremendously fun if you like your humor dark.  There are only eight episodes; Profit never found more than a cult following and got cancelled quickly.  But it's amazing that it even got made on network tv in the nineties.  It's genuinely strange and original, and does its own thing with an independent integrity.

(Note to MB: have you seen this show?  It's tailor-made for you.  Just don't compare it to Dexter.)

If you want some vintage Pasdar, why not go further back to his cult roots and watch Near Dark?   Two significant vampire films came out in 1987.  The Lost Boys had pretty people, a budget, and the Coreys.  Near Dark had a nearly unknown lead, half the cast of Aliens, and a Tangerine Dream score.  They're both good movies, but Lost Boys, with its glammed-up pop 80's style, was the only one to become a popular success.  Near Dark is more adult, though; interesting and influential.  (Joss Whedon has cited it as a key inspiration in his vision of what Buffy could be.)  Unlike Lost Boys, Near Dark completely deglamorizes the vampire mythos.  There's nothing gothic about these bloodsuckers (the word "vampire" is never used in the movie), who roam the land like a band of cheap bad guys in a Western, wreaking vicious havoc and killing people.  A cute young Adrian Pasdar is the star, and while he has not fully developed his signature raspy voice yet, he's already got the smolder in his eyes. 

This has been a public service announcement for those of you who share my love for the Pasdar.  Enjoy!
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