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"You should be using your powers for good," he said, frowning at me.


"Zombie musicians? I don't care about that crap."

"He's the one who sings 'She-Devils Of The Deep'."

"What? That guy?" He started waving his arms around. "I love that song! Love it! He's the best! Okay, now I'm mad for a different reason."

"What's the problem?"

"I would have totally enjoyed your journal entry if I'd known who you were talking about. You should have written something to let me know I cared."


They don't make anniversary cards inscribed Just To Let You Know You Care, but if they did, I could give him one today. Thirteen years ago (I was a child bride), this weird Swedish guy and I spontaneously decided that getting married wouldn't ruin our relationship after all, and ran off to the nearest Justice of the Peace. So far so good. So good.

Happy anniversary, mister. Thank you for a life filled with the greatest fights, and continual reminders of how much we care.
Tags: 'verse, merritt, music, snapshots
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