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wednesday miscellaneous is all about SCIENCE!

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* This week in The Revealer (an excellent daily review of religion and the press), John D. Spalding discovers the newly opened Creation Museum ("Our exhibit halls are gilded with truth").  The museum portrays history from a Biblical perspective, showing dinosaurs co-existing with people on the premise that God created dinosaurs on the sixth day, about six thousand years ago.  Spalding jazzes up his Biblical stories accordingly to be more dino-riffic:
Now that our family Bible is filled with huge flesh-eating monsters, my kids can't put the dang thing down!

* Alternately, if you choose to believe in that evolution theory stuff, you can watch The Journey of Mankind, which traces the migration of humans throughout the planet over the past 160,000 years. Kind of beautiful. (Watch out for global natural disaster at the 74,000 mark!)

* Because I can never get enough of treehouses, here's a collection of images of (mostly real) "luxury treehouses", including this one I would very much like to visit, at the Alnwick Garden in Northumberland:

* Or you could just build a house on the ground using trees as your living materials.
"...A house that will grow from a few seedlings into a two-story, water-recycling, energy-efficient abode. The Fab Tree Hab, a mix of ancient and ultramodern technology, isn’t merely environmentally friendly. It is the environment. Instead of building a home out of green materials, the trio figured, why not construct a living, breathing house?"
Check out the video and annotated picture.  I used to hope we'd live like this in the future.  I may have been corrupted by the pleasures of solid multi-story construction, though.

* "Our oceans are turning into plastic... are we?" Found via Mimi Smartypants, who accurately describes it as a "very depressing article. Some environmental reading gets you fired up, and you bike to work and recycle your recyclables and actually remember to bring along your canvas grocery sacks. Other kinds make you moan out loud, curl up in a ball, and decide never to eat anything other than organic raisins and filtered water. This is the latter sort, so you have been warned."  Still worth reading, though.

* And because the plastic thing depressed me (seriously! you've been warned!), let's end on a happy note with Steam Trek! Made over a dozen years ago by Dennis Sisterson, who's got a neat variety of animation styles, as well as the uncut version of Steam Trek, on his well-designed website. The thing I love most about this little movie ("Star Trek as Melies would have done it") is how true it feels to the 1960s show, still my favorite ST series. Special effects, plot, and all...

(via warren ellis)
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