karen meisner (_stranger_here) wrote,
karen meisner

please support artists

Terri Windling posts on the Endicott Studios blog about artists in Tuscon getting evicted from their studio space:
It's the same old story: artists move into a derelict neighborhood and make it vibrant and interesting, which attracts developers and raises real estate prices, and then the artists themselves are priced out.

...please support the artists and art facilities in the communities where you live. It's very difficult for even well-established artists to make a living on their work once the cost of materials and gallery fees are factored in; affordable space to work in is crucial. [...]  With real estate booming everywhere, it's harder and harder for artists to find places to work -- and yet our communities would be impoverished places without artists in our midst.

Check out her post for details and photos of work by artists coming out of the Tooleshed studio.
Tags: art
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