October 26th, 2009

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in motion

bone shop

Tim Pratt has posted the final installment of Bone Shop, an urban fantasy novella about the early adventures of Marla Mason (Crime Boss.  Sorceress.  Badass.)  Why has he written this online story?  Not only because he loves you, but also:

My wife was laid off on June 23, 2009, and this novella is an attempt to bring in some extra income while also telling a story I'm passionate about. Your donations will help keep a roof over our heads, and pay our son's medical bills (he has congenital glaucoma, so you can help keep him from going blind). Pay whatever you think the story's worth. Enjoy!
In case you are wondering where the money goes, I hereby repost a photo of Tim and Heather Shaw's ridiculously adorable child River.  

The novella can now be read in full (18 chapters!) for free, starting here, complete with behind-the-scenes dvd-extras-style notes from the author.  Check it out, and chip in if you can!