October 6th, 2009

in motion

the winter wind howls through my arms

This has been haunting me for days and I suppose the only way to exorcize it is to release it into the wild: Polly Paulusma's "The Woods". 

It's not often that we hear a fairytale from the perspective of the forest.

I saw it all crystal clear
I know who brought those children here

The video features artwork by Rima Staines, who wrote,

Polly's lyrics inspired the forest-as-witness-to-a-dark-happening story ... which calls to mind a rather less than sugary Hansel & Gretel tale and conjures imagined fears of the archetypal forest as well as a real horror of a terrifying bogeyman, in more tangible guises. It speaks too of the turning of the year ...

(The artist's website is so chock-full of images that it takes forever to load, but it's worth the wait, because there's a lot of great stuff over there.)