September 1st, 2009

in motion

outer alliance pride

One of the lovely things about the SF community lately is that people are forever coming up with new, positive responses to perceived problems.  Here's a refreshing antidote to the bursts of homophobia that sometimes crop up even in our cuddly little genre, not to mention the rest of the world: the rather wonderfully named Outer Alliance.  It's a freshly formed group of queer and queer-friendly people who are interested in reading, writing, and supporting non-heteronormative work.  Our mission statement:

As a member of the Outer Alliance, I advocate for queer speculative fiction and those who create, publish and support it, whatever their sexual orientation and gender identity.  I make sure this is reflected in my actions and my work.

You betcha.

in motion

kuroshio sea

The list of things I want to link to has become so vast and unwieldy that I don't even recognize half of what's on it, but I'm determined to shed all these little treasures I've collected, and send them out into the world. Let's start with water:
This giant tank is known as the Kuroshio Sea. It holds the volume of three Olympic-sized swimming pools, housing eighty species of sea life local to the ocean around the aquarium's site in Okinawa, Japan.  The glass in this window is more than 60 cm thick.

(If you like this, I recommend clicking through to see it embiggened in high def.)