July 11th, 2009

in motion


This one reminds me of how, back when Par was playing Tomb Raider, I used to make fun of Lara Croft by bumping into walls, murmuring "oof" and then rocking slightly on my heels for a while, staring at the wall.  I may have done that a bit more often than was strictly warranted.  Though I never play first-person shooters, I've discovered they're surprisingly fun to emulate.

Living with First-Person Shooter Disease:

in motion

weaving through cars like a dragonfly between wheatstalks

In honor of Tour de France season: whether you are a cycling enthusiast, or passionate about pretentious foreign films, or simply appreciate a bit of man-on-bike action, you may enjoy "Levin's Bicycle", a short film by Benjamin Parzybok (he of Couch fame).  It's a story of the love between a man, Levin Schersvanaskitty (the astonishingly deadpan Parzybok), and his bicycle.  Or is it a cautionary tale?