May 19th, 2009

in motion

norse code

Back in the late December, my darling overseas in-laws gave me a big Amazon gift certificate.  Now, I try to use it for things other than books, because I'd rather give local shops my money -- in fact, I pre-ordered a copy of Greg Van Eekhout's NORSE CODE through A Room of One's Own bookstore.  But I must have been hedging my bets while in some manic fugue state, because although I have no memory of doing it, Amazon just notified me that they've shipped a copy of NORSE CODE to me, which I apparently pre-ordered back in February.  This turns out to be a real stroke of luck, because I won't be able to get to a bookstore for a while, but damn do I want to get my hands on that book!  Check it out:

I'm a huge fan of all mythology, though since marrying a Swede I've become particularly interested in Norse.  I also like me some apocalypses, and Ragnarok is an especially juicy apocalypse to play with, as this book does.  Here's more stuff I like, quoted from today's Big Idea column:

And that’s basically what Norse Code is about: Huge disasters, gods conspiring to speed things along, a minor god with an unknown future, and valkyries with biotech. There’s also a moon-eating wolf, and atomic tests in the South Pacific that wake up the Midgard Serpent, and talking ravens, and a resistance movement made up of Iowa farmers who resent being dead.

O swift postal system, deliver this book unto me like NOW.  Want.

Even beyond all of the above, the greatest element of which I am a fan is the author, Greg Van Eekhout.  He's written a bunch of terrific short stories (two of which are up at Strange Horizons -- "In the Late December" remains one of my all-time favorite things we've ever published).  Greg is the only friend I've got who fully shares and truly understands my Superman love, which is a powerful bond.  And he just generally has the kind of mind where, if he's going to write something, I'm going to read it.  NORSE CODE is his first novel, and it hits bookstores, as well as my mailbox, today.  I cannot wait to read it!  I know I'm going to eat it up like a wolf devouring a moon, and if you give it a try, I bet you will too.