April 14th, 2009

in motion

why pär is my techie guru

Because Pär gives the only directions that speak straight to my brain.  Never mind any talk of feed rollers and drum units and fuser covers and electrodes, which is the sort of jargon the troubleshooting websites throw at you.  Here's how to approach a mechanical problem:

Mail from Karen to Pär, subject: Re: printer

Crap, it seems to be broken now.  I'm guessing there's a crumpled paper stuck somewhere inside, but I can find no sign of it...

Mail from Pär to Karen, subject Re: Printer
If you open the front, it looks like there's no access to the inside, but there is. Grab a hold of the thing that looks like it's made to grab hold of, then rip out a sizeable chunk of printer gut. The crumpled-up paper will almost certainly be in there.

Worked like a charm.