March 2nd, 2009

in motion

her morning elegance

Good morning!  It's a cold world out there, and this is one of those days when I wish I could conduct all business and adventures from snugly within my big warm bed, with my jammies on.  Since that doesn't seem to be happening, let's at least enjoy a spectacular riff on the idea.

in motion

it's poetry in motion

Amazon has reversed its policy for the new Kindle's text-to-speech function, leaving it as an opt-in decision by publishers and authors. On general principle, I'm pleased that the policy leaves more control in the hands of the people who make the books (see observations on that from Small Beer Press). But at this point in time, as Scalzi points out, it is hard to take computer-generated readings seriously as a competitive threat to income-generating versions of a book, such as human readings, or, you know, text.

Maybe the joke will be on me when Skynet takes over, but this here is why I'm not worried:

(courtesy of Dictionaraoke)