February 12th, 2009

in motion

narrator trouble

When I picked Jeremiah up at school today, he hopped into the back seat and began to carry on a two-part conversation.

J: Hello.
J: "Hello," he said.
J: Okay narrator, enough!
J: "That's enough," Jeremiah said.
J: Cut it out!
J: "Stop narrating!" Jeremiah said to the narrator.

K: Hmm.  Sounds like you're having Narrator Trouble.

J: Yes.  This narrator won't stop narrating my life!
J: "It's true," said the narrator.

K: Do you want the narrator to narrate you a more interesting life, or to butt out of your life?

J: Butt out of my life.

K: Butt out, narrator!

J: Whew!  He's gone.  From now on, I can be the narrator of my own story.