February 2nd, 2009

in motion

new fiction

The newest batch of sheer speculative fiction from Strange Horizons, for your reading pleasure.  Hope you'll find something in here to enjoy!

This Must Be the Place, by Elliott Bangs

It's probably simplest to say that I first met Loren Wells in a club in San Francisco. We'll set aside for the moment that it wasn't the first time he'd met me.

The Shangri-La Affair, by Lavie Tidhar

It came spilling over Asia like grains of rice measured into a pan. Digital systems were corrupted. Tailor-made viruses swept through urban populations, spread out to villages, sometimes merely killing, sometimes transforming people into ... into other things.

Greetings from Kampala, by Angela Ambroz

It was dangerous on such an epic level of dangerous that Ghada was awestruck by the captain's lethal levels of stupidity. If you went down the wrong Drop, the space-time anomalies could rip you apart.

Sisters of the Blessed Diving Order of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew, by A.C. Wise

Lucy came to the Blessed Diving Order of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew in the usual way: her parents abandoned her as a babe in a little woven basket on the shore. Her first lullaby was the hush of waves rolling smoothed stone over stone and stringing tangled seaweed around her cradle.

in motion

it's a small, small world

The Nikon Small World prize honors microscope photography.  New Scientist has a gallery of the latest winning work.   Images of tiny, crazy beauty that our eyes can't even see.

Marine diatoms, Pleurosigma (200x), by Michael Stringer
"Diatoms are plankton with glass-like silica shells and play a major role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere."

Photomicrograph of a chick embryo (6x) by Tomas Pais de Azevedo

Snowflake (35x) by Laurence Acland