November 4th, 2008

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culture wars

Pär's little sister has been living and working in Sierra Leone.  She just wrote to tell us how much excitement there is in Africa over the possibility of Obama becoming President of the USA.  She's encountering tremendous support for him everywhere she goes.  Except, she reports, for one village that's feuding with another village, and so to express its hostility toward the others and define itself in opposition, that village has declared itself in support of McCain!

I thought this was hilarious for about ten seconds, until it occurred to me that exactly the same phenomenon is in effect across America.


Come on, people.  Let's get this done.

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baby's first googling

Jeremiah is bouncing around tonight, eager to know the election results as they come in.  He's so eager, in fact, that he made his first attempt to use Google!

Pär came upstairs to find J sitting at the computer, and this is what he was typing into the Google search box:

"what is going on with the election bar graphs no edgecation"

Breaking it down:

- He wants to know what's going on with the election
- He would like for the information to be presented in the form of bar graphs
- He does not want a lot of background explanation ("edgecation"), just the facts.

I think I'm going to have to make some extra popcorn tonight, since he clearly will not sleep until he knows who our next President will be.

This is a pretty amazing day all around.
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this is only a projection

...and it is the projection of a seven year old, so it should not be considered an entirely authoritative source.  But Jeremiah just brought me his personal estimate for the evening:

Jeremiah calls it: 55% Obama, 45% McCain
It's currently 8:30 PM, Central time, and the results are rolling in.  We'll see.