October 6th, 2008

in motion

new fiction

Now up at Strange Horizons:

"Swan Song" by Joanne Merriam

"High fever. Dehydration. Recurring dreams of swans," the doctor has noted in the description area.

And catching up on a few more recent stories:

"Kimberly Ann Duray Is Not Afraid" by Leah Bobet

They bombed the clinic again at seven a.m. that Friday, between my shower and the hunt for a clean pair of socks.

"The Future Hunters" by Christopher J. Clarke

The ancient grey-walled fortress, built from the bones of the city, now housed the Library and the Academy. Kale entered under the bell tower and made her way across the hard red-earth enclosure, basket at her side, greeting several of her acolytes as they went to study.

"There Once Was a Fish" by Brandon Meyers

"Do not touch them," her mother warned her, "they're very fragile."