August 26th, 2008

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this week's fiction

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"The Secret Identity" by Richard Butner
We were studying for midterms when I found out about the ghost.
While most of the stories we publish at SH are brand-new, we do occasionally run reprints, and that's what we've got for you this week.  I first read this story in 2002, when it was published in the excellent zine Say... was that a kiss? (put out by The Fortress of Words, run by Christopher Rowe and Gwenda Bond).  It's a lean and subtle story; what comes through is a sense of ordinary life and just a hint of clandestine life, the parts of ourselves we keep hidden.  I hope you like it.
And in case you missed last week's story, here it is:

Sex with Ghosts, by Sarah Kanning

in motion

recommending two books that aren't novels

I am recommending two books that aren't novels! 

* The first issue of Coilhouse Magazine is finally in print.  Mine arrived in the mail yesterday and I went into a fugue state just gazing at all the gorgeously strange photographs.  It's a pleasure to find articles with such strong emphasis on visual arts and music that are actually well written, with smarts, passion, and humor.  Coilhouse explores a rich and varied range of artistic interests: check out their blog for a sense of what they're about.  In their own words: "a collection of articles, interviews, rants, musings & imagery showcasing the planet's bravest explorers of Ye Olde Future."  It's all over the place in terms of genre/media, but with a strong aesthetic and philosophical sensibility running through it: everything you find in Coilhouse feels like it truly belongs there, even if it doesn't belong anywhere else.  I love the stuff they're into, so if you do too, I highly recommend the magazine. 

* The Non-Adventures of Wonderella are collected in a book, available for pre-order!  I've raved about this webcomic before and now I can rave about it in non-virtual format.  It is brilliant and funny as hell.  If you order The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, Volume 1: Everybody Ever Forever directly from the Wonderella website, the author (Justin Pierce) will sign your book, and possibly even doodle in it for you.  The site says "Pre-order by September 1st to save"-- I'm not quite clear on what you'll save; perhaps the world?  Maybe not, but do you really want to take that chance?