August 21st, 2008

in motion


Maybe I should stop having Google News as my homepage, because I get hit every day with a barrage of bewildering information. Here are two bits I bookmarked last month:

* A-Rod's Wife Tells Pals She Believes Madonna Lured Yank With Kabbalah. How did millenia of esoteric Jewish mystical tradition get mutated into a non-denominational feel-good celebrity cult which, as we are now learning, turns out to be the spiritual equivalent of cleavage and a g-string? All those hundreds of years it's been studied in secret, who knew Kabbalah was such a mystical sex bomb!

* Another headline, along with the lead line, that caught me: Ground Control to Major Tom: asparagus on Mars? "If there ever was, is, or will be, life on Mars, it had better like eating asparagus."  Apparently the soil on Mars can sustain life, much like our Earth soil, although the Ph balance makes it particularly amenable to crops like asparagus. It could grow other crops too, but for some reason this article is wackily fixated on asparagus. So if we have learned one thing about the ancient Martian civilizations that may have once flourished on the Red Planet, it's that their pee smelled funny. Our science, it grows ever tighter.