August 19th, 2008

in motion

zoe's tale

Considering the heights of popular acclaim John Scalzi has reached in the last couple years, he hardly needs my help in spreading the word that his latest novel in the Old Man's War universe hits the shelves today.  But I'm piping up to mention it anyway, in case any of you are looking for something new to read, because I love this series and Zoe's Tale is my favorite yet. 

It's a really interesting experiment Scalzi is doing here, retelling the story of The Last Colony from the daughter's point of view, as a stand-alone novel.   I am curious to see how his regular readers will respond to it, and to see if new readers start picking it up too, especially younger ones -- hello, science-fiction fans of the future!  I'm betting they'll all go for it, because one of the cool things about this series is how well it appeals across the board: to hardcore SF fans, and to people who don't usually read SF.  (For example, I almost never recommend genre books to either of my parents, but I've put copies of Old Man's War in front of each of them, and they both read it straight through and then enthused about how good it was.)  It's gateway science fiction!  I hope Zoe's Tale will cross over to an even wider variety of readers, because what's not to like?  It's a whipsmart, moving, weird, well-crafted, action-packed read, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Just when I was all bright-eyed with non-partisan enthusiasm about Zoe's Tale, Scalzi went and co-dedicated the book to me.  So now I can't talk about it without getting a bit sentimental.  Maybe more than a bit.  But it's an honor to be named in such a splendid piece of work.  Fly out into the world, little book, fly!