July 14th, 2008

in motion

new fiction

Good morning!  Today on Strange Horizons, we've got the first installment of a brand-new story which will conclude next week.  By the one and only Meghan McCarron:

"The Magician's House" by Meghan McCarron (part 1 of 2)
The magician was a tall, spindly man with surprisingly thick hands and dark, graying hair. He folded into the chair like a marionette. To meet me, he wore black stretch pants, a silk pajama shirt, a burgundy cardigan, and decaying black flip-flops. If I had seen him on the street, I would have laughed, but in the oven room he looked right at home, whereas I felt self-conscious in my khaki shorts and pre-faded T-shirt. I had even blow-dried my hair. For the first time, instead of feeling invisible in my prepster clothes, I felt exposed.
in motion

dignified and intellectual

Over the weekend I went out alone to a sushi restaurant and ate delicious food while reading a book.  I've been there a few times now; it's my favorite place when I want to indulge in a good dinner and a quiet read.  When I was done, one of the ladies who works there came over and shyly told me they'd all been wondering about me, and had decided I was a professor at the university, yes?

I was wearing a tattered corduroy skirt over motorcycle boots and a flimsy t-shirt with a Flashdance neck that kept falling off my shoulder.  My hair, which has not been cut in months, is like three feet of curly black exploded sasquatch.  It is not a look I would have expected to make the leap to "boho professional" from "thrift store couldn't-be-bothered", but apparently I am looking more respectable than I feel, these days.  I guess I must have come across as very dignified and intellectual, sitting there so absorbed in literature! 

You guys, the book I was reading was Gossip Girl: I Like It Like That.