July 9th, 2008

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Suddenly I'm posting like mad. I guess my return was not so much a breadcrumb as a um some other metaphorical object that heralds an incoming flood. 

My brain is not firing on all cylinders just now. I got food poisoning last night and was awake in the wee hours of the morning, alternately writhing in pain and throwing up. Then I fell into a hard sleep with incredibly vivid dreams. When I woke today, I thought for a happy moment that the food poisoning had been a dream too, so I couldn't figure out why I was so exhausted and achey.  I've always suspected tofu was dangerous, and now I know!  A vegetarian-ish lifestyle is not for the weak. 
Conversely, I was certain that I really had seen a trailer for the upcoming Star Trek movie in which the cast included Eddie Izzard, Ricardo Montalban, James Bond, and Xena: Warrior Princess. To be clear about those last two, it wasn't Daniel Craig and Lucy Lawless but actual Bond and Xena on the Enterprise. Needless to say, I was thrilled about this lineup, and only reluctantly sorted out that it had been a dream. Then I was crushed, until I realized that the combination of all those bits forms a remarkably similar mix to what I get in The Middleman.

The Middleman is my favorite new tv show that I want to share with everyone, and don't be thrown by the fact that it's on the Family Channel. When they slipped in a hentai reference two minutes into the pilot episode, I knew the show's wholesome atmosphere was a feature, not a bug.  Based on a comic book by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, who is also writing the show, The Middleman is thoroughly steeped in things I love.  There's smart snappy dialogue and aliens and robots and zombies and Mexican wrestlers and photogenic young artists and most of all, a dynamic duo whose dynamic makes me really, really happy. It's the funniest thing on television this summer, and it's science fiction.  And it gets better with every episode, so now's a good time to start watching.

"Who are the Middlemen?" featuring clips from the pilot
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Being across the ocean from Pär carries a certain nostalgic pleasure, since that's how the two of us started out. Our relationship evolved over the internet in the earliest 90s, when hardly anyone knew the word "internet". So there was no existing cultural framework to explain what was happening between us; it was a very private miracle. We wouldn't have been caught dead describing it that way at the time, of course. Though it became glaringly obvious that we were in love, we were both so embarrassed to have fallen for someone over the computer that we firmly continued to refer to it as a friendship. We'd never even spoken on the phone or seen pictures of each other, after all; our entire relationship was conducted through written words. Calling it "friendship" made things simpler, right up to the point where I flew to Sweden to meet him and the whole just-friends thing went straight out the window.

So when we're on separate continents and have to communicate by email, I do the predictable thing and crush out on Pär all over again. How could I not? This is the kind of report I get about how his day is going:

Jeremiah is off playing mini-golf with Ann, Fredrik and Åsa. He's quite bad at it yet manages a few holes-in-one, somehow, which he refers to (adamantly) as "holy one!!!"

I went running and got lost and took some kind of Narniaesque 5-dimensional turn and was suddenly jogging through a medieval pastoral landscape with nothing but horse trails, rolling hills for a hundred miles (somehow) in every direction, cascades of butterflies all around, and, I kid you not, entire families of deer by the side of the road who gazed at me calmly as I stared back.

Then I got really lost and ended up being out for nearly two hours, some of it in a rain storm, but I did get home unscathed in the end although 800 years had passed which sucks.

I realize many women may look for different qualities in a mate, but this sort of letter is like the expressway to my heart.
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"it's just gut-wrenching, honestly"

If you're trying to sort out what happened today when the Senate voted to respond to the illegal wiretapping scandal by granting immunity to those who broke the law, while giving the President yet more power to spy on citizens without warrants: here's a good summary. Rachel Maddow interviews GW law professor Jonathan Turley:

"What we will lose... is something very precious. It's going to be part of the Fourth Amendment. And that is beyond measure."

Further explication of the FISA vote at Salon.

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