July 7th, 2008

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Just because I haven't been doing much personal journaling lately is no reason to be remiss in keeping you up to date on the latest from Strange Horizons.  Here's a month's worth: enjoy!

"In Lieu of a Thank You" by Gwynne Garfinkle

Unlike you, Ernest was ill-versed in the ways of love, hearts and flowers and everything designed to trap a woman. I was trapped by Ernest, of course, but there was something honest about the arrangement.

"My Greedy Plea For Help" by Ted Prodromou

"You're doing meta-wishes," he said, "and meta-wishes are trouble. Ever since people started reading Hofstadter, all of a sudden I've got to worry about punks like you erasing causality entirely."

"Jimmy's Roadside Cafe" by Ramsey Shehadeh

After the world ended, Jimmy set up a roadside cafe in the median of I-95, just north of the Fallston exit.

"Marsh Gods" by Ann Leckie

"Gods with enough power to make unlikely things happen are free to make pronouncements about the future," the crane said. "If I happened to be wrong, I would have said something untrue, and that could be disastrous for me."
in motion

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Also, I just want to thank everyone who contributed to the Strange Horizons fund drive this year.  Our goals are modest but it's always a relief and a pleasure to know that our readers are so supportive.  I've seen a lot of people posting this past month about how Strange Horizons is important and venerable and all that, but you know, the magazine is still a weird little experimental independent oddity in publishing, and I think it's kind of amazing that it works.  It does, though, and I'm proud that we're able to make so much great writing available to readers worldwide.  We continue to love what we do, so I'm glad we can go on doing it.  Thanks.