June 13th, 2008

in motion

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Hey guys!  You know Strange Horizons is having a fund drive all this month, right?  And that you can win prizes if you donate?   Many of the donor prizes are quite wondrous indeed (and you might win one even just for blogging about the fund drive to help us out).  But mostly we hope you'll toss a little cash in the hat because Strange Horizons is an important market for speculative fiction, publishing work by exciting new writers as well as the names you've come to know and love, plus reviews and poetry and all kinds of stuff that lets readers across the planet discover great writing.  We pay professional rates, we offer our content 100% free, and we do it all as a nonprofit labor of love.  (Which means donations are tax-deductable, in case your boss likes to fund arts organizations too!)  For eight years and counting, the sf community has helped keep our little magazine going strong.  If you've ever found something on our site that you were glad to find, I hope you'll chip in whatever you can.  Thank you!