May 5th, 2008

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new fiction

I know, I haven't been keeping up with the announcements whenever Strange Horizons publishes new fiction.  But you can trust that it's happening all the time: for nearly eight years straight our magazine has been bringing you fantastic stories for the low low price of free, with new work every week!

Here's what we've got for you this week, and I'm quoting a longer block of teaser than usual because I had a hard time limiting myself to a small chunk of story; I love every bit of this dialogue.

"The Gadgey" by Alan Campbell

"Aye, ahm no daft." Rab picked his way down into the crater, holding his arms out, careful to show he was watching for disruptors. Beyond the woods, blocks of flats loomed up, grey against the grey Edinburgh sky, satellite dishes proudly on show, all pointing the same way—probably towards the Mogadon Cluster. He walked the length of the spaceship, looking inside the bubbles. Most were full of brown, sludgy liquid, but one smaller bubble was clear. He peered in. "Hey, Gordie, there's a wee bald gadgey in here."

"Whit colour eyes?"


"The eyes. If they're yellow then it's an Armenian. They're the worst in the whole Cluster, the Armenians. They can kill you wi' telephonists."

Rab recoiled. "Ah cannae see its eyes," he said, trying to conceal his panic. "It's got a mask on. Whit dae telephonists look like?"

Gordie snorted. "Jeez. Telephonists. Like energy waves frae their big roond heids. Ye cannae see them withoot laser vision. Or ye happen to be half-Armenian, like Data."

"Data's no an Armenian, he's a robot."

"Data's no a robot, you divot." Gordie gave him a big self-satisfied smirk. "He's an android. Where dae ye hink they make a' the androids? Armenia, that's where. Dinnae argue wi' the dish."

"Ah dinnae hink it's an Armenian," Rab said. "It's got a flat heid."

"Whit, like E.T.?"

Rab looked closer. "A wee bit," he replied. "But it's no got a lightbulb on its finger, so it's no an E.T." He was feeling more on solid ground. He'd seen E.T. last Christmas and his big sister Kylie had cried and he'd hooted and threatened to tell her boyfriend Patrick, then hit her with his action-man-jungle-intruder-craft until his dad had told him to stop or he'd get skelped. Besides, E.T. was plastic-looking, not like the proper aliens he'd seen on Sky when he was round at Gordie's. Not like this thing. A silvery mask enveloped almost all of its face, but it had a whole bunch of tentacles, like wee willies, hanging from its chin.

Gordie had arrived with a branch he'd found. "Dinnae hink the Federation ken aboot this one," he said, squinting through the bubble. Then he lowered his voice so he sounded like Captain Picard. "We are boldly going, Rab. Boldly going." He smashed the branch against the bubble.

in motion

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Hey -- Christopher Barzak is a nominee for the first-ever NewNowNext Awards, sponsored by MTV Network's LOGO channel, which focuses on bringing GLBT friendly programming to television.  For his beautiful debut novel, One for Sorrow, Chris is up for the category called "Brink of Fame: Author". 

I can't think of a sweeter person to be on the brink of fame, or a better book to be promoted to an MTV audience, so I urge you all to put in a vote for Chris.  Easy to do: clicking on the banner below will take you to the site, where you just select his book from the list and submit your vote at the bottom of the page.  (Be sure to uncheck the little box that signs you up for a LOGO newsletter, unless you really enjoy spam.)

Go vote!