January 29th, 2008

maggie mechanic

lessons i must keep relearning, #47092

Due to a municipal mix-up, we were given an enormous extra trashcan, and I'm taking advantage of it by clearing out our garage/shed of a bunch of stuff we've had sitting there for a year.  So today at dawn I was outside in my coat and boots, hauling Hefty bags down the slushy driveway.

Normally at this hour of the morning in a given January, I'd be feeling cold and tense and achey, wishing I could crawl back into bed. 

Instead, I'm warm and relaxed.  I feel strong, mobile, ready for anything.

Note to self: start every day with a little physical labor.
in motion

trouble in dubai

The partner of designer and COILHOUSE co-creator Mildred Von is being detained in Dubai.  He was arrested for carrying melatonin (sleeping pills sold legally over the counter both here and in Dubai) which the authorities declared to be drugs, and they're also claiming that some fragments of dirt they gathered from the bottom of his bag are hashish.  He's been held in jail there for the past three days.  They've tested the melatonin and found it to be melatonin, and the urine test they made him take came up clean.  Now they're saying they'll keep him in jail for another week while they test the dirt to see if it's hashish.

It's entirely possible that when the dirt turns out to be dirt, they'll let him go.  But it doesn't always work that way, and the Dubai authorities are threatening him with years of jail time.  So Mildred is taking the story public; let's hope that if necessary, embarassing the authorities may help get him out of there safely.

For details, as well as some horror stories about traveling in Dubai, read Mil's post here.  And if you know anyone who might be able to help, please let her know.
in motion


I abhor baking, but J got these "silly feet" for his birthday and was eager to use them, so he and I made muffins together tonight.

Seriously, I'm not good in the kitchen, especially when I'm trying to let a seven year old do the measuring.  It took an hour, a ton of cleanup, and all my patience.

Worth it.