January 25th, 2008

in motion

what i did on my trip to michigan

I love driving, especially when I'm going someplace where I want to be, which was definitely the case on both the There and the Back Again segments of my trip to High Voltage ConFusion. I was equipped with the first fully functional car I have ever owned, a baggie of homemade brownies, and about twenty hours' worth of mix CDs. Of course as soon as I got out on the open road and turned on the music, the first song that came up was Sia's "Breathe Me". Fun fact: when you are driving a blue Prius down a long highway playing "Breathe Me", you cannot avoid feeling that you are living out a television series finale:

Did I contemplate mortality?

(artist's rendering. contemplation of mortality not shown actual size)

Why yes, yes I did!
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